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  • Most Useful Named/UnNamed Spirits aka Cool Stuff Spirits Do

    Spirits are all over the darn place in the Umbra, and many cross over by materializing or with help from the Garou and others. So which ones are the most useful?

    1. How about spies, that go look in on someone or something for you?
    2. visit that vampire at noon and blast with sunlight?
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  • g3taso
    replied to Vampires seeking Incarna
    Hey folks, just to be clear I'm not proposing following the "kill an incarna and kill all vampires", nor am I strictly following the "let's be Totem buddies" route. I'm thinking of vampire jagglings/gafflings/incarna as representing aspects of vampire existence. More of a patron, or possibly source of knowledge (with the understanding there is always Quid Pro Quo, preferably in ongoing sacrifices of blood). Just to be clear.

    So, assuming there are vampire spirits running around from the Dark Umbra to Astral, what might they want in return for knowledge?
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  • g3taso
    started a topic Vampires seeking Incarna

    Vampires seeking Incarna

    Hi! I got this idea and it goes like this...
    There's this vampire, and he is one of the more spiritually-oriented ones (Rego Mentem et al), and he thinks there are any number of vampire Incarna (one in general, and mebbe one per clan or bloodlines). He's interested in contacting them, and mebbe making prayers (aka Exalted) and offering of blood and such. Probably not a priest, but perhaps a patron arrangement like pack Totems.

    1. Let's not argue about whether it is "canon" or not. Let's just assume thousands of years of belief in vampires means then DO have critters...
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  • I think that the idea of vampire Incarnae has great merit. Really, there have been Tzimisce around for a long time, and I bet that every one of them has an idea of what a "real" or "ideal" Tzimisce is like. I bet that the Setite in his temple has differing ideas, if no less concrete. I can see a number of lesser Incarna, following clans past and present as well as other ideals, willing to serve as totems to worthy petitioners.
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