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  • Distribution of clans in a Sabbat held/established city

    I know the question I'm about to ask can't be answered definitely but I think it's going to be a fun experiment. While browsing the internet i found this little table:

    D100 – Clan
    01-04 – Assamite antitribu
    05-10 – Brujah antitribu
    11-16 – Gangrel antitribu
    17-23 – Malkavian antitribu
    24-29 – Nosferatu antitribu
    30-43 – Pander
    44-49 – Ravnos antitribu
    50-52 – Salubri antitribu
    53-60 – Serpent of the Light
    61-66 – Toreador antitribu
    67-72 – Ventrue antitribu
    73-82 – Lasombra
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  • Refugee
    replied to Monomacy rules
    This is a really nicely put paragraph and I agree with everything you said only you put it to paper much better then I could. Thank you.

    Thank you for this! I did not know this existed. This helps me a lot....
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  • Refugee
    started a topic Monomacy rules

    Monomacy rules

    I have read the info I could get my hands on about rules of Monomacy but I'm sure I have missed something. Can you nice people point me to (all?) relevant information about this? One thing especially that I didn't find anywhere but I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere (looking back it probably wasn't canon): "a person being challenged to a duel aka Monomacy can choose to elect a "champion" to fight instead of him/her but the original challenged person loses face/status" or something like that?
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