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  • Tell me about your campaigns you may never run!

    I am currently working on putting together a changeling game I will run when my current one ring game wraps up in a few months. To that end I need campaign inspiration. Give me your ideas for a campaign that you may never run so I can shamelessly steal your ideas!

    I will start with what I have so far. I'm thinking of doing a southern city maybe new orleans. Where a changeling goes missing and the current monarch puts together a task force to solve the mystery! I'm thinking on using a true crime type vibe for the mood.

    Give me your ideas!
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  • The Ravnos actually seem pretty easy to fix. WIth their numbers dwindled down after the week of nightmares, they have to go through heavy mass embracing over 20 years and can't be ethnically picky. The result is a clan that is much more diverse ethnically while also still keeping the core rogues and mystics theme.
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