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  • The visitors in Immortals were quite different.

    They were the result of some spirits getting hit by atomic testing and it mutated them into physical beings that live in human brains, can learn a couple of numina like say telepathy or telekinesis, and reproduce by drilling out of their hosts skull, which has a good chance of killing the character.

    Interesting idea, but doesn't offer a lot of options.

    I suppose if one wanted use the existing systems for them and incorporate this "We're from outer space, really!" aspect here, one could...
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  • StSword
    replied to 'X-Men' as a minor template
    I'd say that's a distinction without a difference, since Deviant does cover deviants who were altered before their birth ala Dark Angel and the like.

    And I'd guess that you aren't a comic book fan because if you were you'd know that mutants aren't in fact natural.

    The Celestials, aliens who make the average deity look like a 90 lb weakling, came to Earth and altered proto-humanity, giving them the ability to be mutated, both the mutants of X-Men and the later in life mutations of the like of Fantastic Four.

    So Wolverine would fall into the...
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