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  • Cadmiumcadamium
    started a topic Redoing Humanity

    Redoing Humanity

    Hi all. I would like your help with redefining Humanity (or rather the morality system in general).

    The problem i have with it is that it doesn't really define a moral character ( rather it just gives you a list of 10 arbitrary rules set in an arbitrary order) and it doesn't really allow for shades of gray. For example, it doesn't allow you to play a soldier.

    I would do something that is a bit more flexible, that takes situations into account and most importantly WHY the character decided to commit the action.

    I would still keep it as a 1-10 scale but each...
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  • I would say as soon as the target touches it. Unless you prepare it with another ritual like trigger
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  • It depends on the edition and setting (DA vs Modern Day). In the most recent ones (V20 and V20 DA) Cappadocians have Necromancy. Mortis is long gone.
    In modern day revised edition the Harbringers of Skulls (one of the bloodlines of the Cappadocians that "survived" into the modern nights) have Necromancy rather than Mortis but they do have a Necromancy path called Mortuus Path which is basically the first 5 powers of the old VtDA version of Mortis (the linear progression Disciplines rather than the path based Discipline).

    in Revised DA (renamed Dark Ages: Vampire rather...
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  • I am all for divorcing Rituals from Thaumaturgy, but we need ground rules. These are my suggestions:

    1) Rituals are done by rolling Intelligence+Occult at a difficulty equal to the level of the ritual +3(so a lvl 5 Ritual would be diff 8).

    2) Each Ritual costs lvl times x amount in XP (I would say times 3 but not sure). Characters that belong to a magically knowledgeable group (Tremere, Giovanni, Setite Lector Priests, etc.) and who is knowledgeable in one of the Disciplines normally associated with Blood Magic (Thaumaturgy, Necromancy, Akhu, Dur-An-Ki, etc.) would have...
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  • Regarding fun intepretations of commands; in swedish, a common word for "go away" can also be used for "stab". Never tell an angry Brujah with a sharp implement to "go away".
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