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  • I'm not going to say that Spirit of the Frey isn't overpowered but you have to remember that in order to get those extra 10 on initiative (above the extra 10 you get from learning the gift) you have to spend Gnosis, which means that you won't be able to spend Rage in that turn. And since it's a gift for Ahrouns only, who regularly use Rage to fuel their other gifts or even to buy themselves extra actions it won't be high on the priority list on stuff to activate on the first round of combat, or even 2nd round for that matter.

    Though I would probably house rule it so that you roll...
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  • 8 levels of Lethal Damage becomes 7 Lethal and one Agg, but the Agg shows up at "Bruised", not "Torpor/Death". The worst type of Damage is always placed at the top when it wraps around, as it takes the longest time to heal (well, in a vamps case it's 1 BP for both Bashing and Lethal).
    So you wouldn't die from 8 Lethal, just torpor.

    But that statement is contradicted by the fact that one of the rulebooks (can't remember which one) says that you can beat someone into torpor with a baseball bat and then give them one agg to push them from Torpor to Final De...
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  • My 2 cents

    "It denies death to a victim, albeit temporarily. It does not, however, deny pain."
    So it was clearly designed to torture a victim. Not to be used on oneself

    "Upon casting this ritual, the
    victim gains a number of phantom Incapacitated Health
    Levels equal to the casting successes.
    The character cannot
    be Incapacitated, only Crippled,"

    3 Successes equals 3 extra health levels, located between the crippled (-5) and Incapacitated health levels.

    "no matter the damage...
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  • I think that in V20DA it does roll over to Agg from lethal. However, it's not the last Health Box that gets it, it's the top one.

    8 Lethal in one hit would mean insta-torpor as it fills all the health boxes plus an additional. Any more lethal damage would roll over to Agg and when all the health boxes are filled with Agg you are but one agg away from Final Death.

    So if my math is correct it takes the following to insta-kill a vampire
    8 Agg
    15 Lethal (7+7+1)
    22 Bashing (7+7+7+1)

    If i interpret OP correctly it was the following scenario...
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  • Not sure if this has been written earlier in the thread but if you want to play a norse mage i suggest taking a look at the Vaeldermen in DA:Mage.
    Their entire fellowship (tradition) is built around the norse culture and sacrifice for power.
    To be fair that fellowships magick is based around personal power and personal sacrifice, so i'm not sure if an external animistic paradigm is compatible. But at least you can look for cool rotes.
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  • Cadmiumcadamium
    replied to Frost and Vampires
    I know that the old VtDA supplement about Viking vampires (name escapes me at the moment) had a system for cold affecting vampires.
    Iirc they don't really care about cold nights in normal climate, however Arctic cold has at least some impact on their physiology. Not to mention that summer nights are short AF (or non existent way far up north).
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  • Cadmiumcadamium
    started a topic Blood Potency in V20

    Blood Potency in V20

    I'm sure this has been done before but i wanted to share my house rules and get some feedback.

    Blood Potency
    Blood Potency is a Trait ranging from 1-10
    Blood Potency determines max trait rating, max bloodpool and blood expenditure per turn.
    Blood Potency also determines what sources you can use for blood (Animal, Human, Vampire).

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  • Meditating by a Node is the easiest. Though i seem to remember that once you have Prime 4 you are able to leech Quint directly from your enviroment (either from the surrounding quint in the air or by destroying a pattern, like sucking all the quint from a chair and turning it to dust in the process)...
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