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  • Yeah, Vasilisa being 14000 years old doesn't really make sense. But the Nicktucku would be among the oldest surviving antediluvian (pre-flood) Methuselahs since, like Kael says, they were created to be used in Absimiliards attack agains Zillah. Baba Yaga is actually one of the youngest 4th gen Nossies. Which is a frightening thought in itself.
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  • I think the Grimoire goes into more detail for the Houses. For flavor you can look at Ars Magicka.
    IIRC, House Tytalus focused more on Anima and Corona than the other 2, Bonisagius focused more on Primus and scholarly stats and Flambeau focused on Vires and combat stats naturally.

    Edit: Also, the Grimoire contains a writeup for the Craftmasons, a former Hermetic House and their signature Pillar of Ars Materia (Matter magick). It also mentions that Ars Materia is quite common among House Verditus.
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  • Rank your favorite Disciplines (yes we're doing it again)

    So how would you rank the V20 Disciplines? Only from main 13 clans in the V20 book, otherwise we'd be here all week :P.

    I myself would rank them the following way. I put them into tiers with their placement within each tier fluctuating day by day depending on my mood.

    Tier 1 (top tier)
    1) Thaumaturgy - It's just so damn useful for any type of character. This is more specifiacally Tremere thaum but most forms of Blood Magic ranks very high on my list.
    2) Auspex - Once again, too damn useful to ignore. If my characters ever go looking for Out-of-Clan Disciplines,...
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  • Boost Physical Attributes to higher easier, still limited to 6 dots for a scene (gen max+1) or up to 10 for 3 rounds after last BP spent (not sure if this rule carried over from Revised into V20).
    Resist Dominate from more vampires (still affected by Presence though).
    More BP per round and a overall higher pool.
    Plus if his generation or sire is known i treat Generation as an unofficial status. Not that it gives him any mechanical benifits but people know not to mess with him too much or else they get a visit from the Sire (or heaven forbid, grandsire).

    But being...
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  • I've toyed with this idea many times but primarily for Vampire.
    What i usually do is to let me players create a regular mortal first, spend freebies etc and then add the template with whatever supernatural abilities the character needs.

    If it's regular character creation as in the characters start the game as non-mortal, i let them spend the extra attribute points and freebies on supernatural stuff to represent a few years as undead/awakened/etc.

    If they become supernatural in game i give them those freebies and supernatural dots at reduced XP cost for the first...
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