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  • Cadmiumcadamium
    replied to Tremere Hierarchy
    Like most have said, it's the most common setup because usually there aren't enough Elder Tremere to warrant two different people on those positions. The Regent is usually the Tremere who is oldest and have the most status, the primogen is usually the vampire of a clan who is oldest and have the most status.

    Note: the idea of "One Primogen for each clan in the city" is a rather new idea, and definitely not the default. There could be a Primogen council consisting of 3 Ventrue, a Brujah and a Malkavian for example. The title of Primogen is awarded to a vampire with enough...
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  • One way i've thought about is just assigning an attribute to different weapons* and then just do relevant attribute + relevant ability vs relevant attribute + relevant ability.
    With weapon damage and soak being automatic.

    However, automatic damage and soak makes Potence and Fortitude nearly worthless (just a more expensive version of an attribute). So question is how to make them useful in that case.
    Also, how about those edge cases where a character is trained to use fists but with Dexterity rather than Strength?

    *Strength would be for heavier...
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  • Help me build a better combat system (VtM Rev/V20)

    Hey all. I know this has been done to death but i was hoping you guys could help me out.

    So the problem I have with the combat system is that everything takes such a long time and each "mini-fight" consists of between 3 and 4 rolls (depending on if the defender dodges or not). I want a fight to be easy, clean and fairly short on rolls.

    So my basic wish is to boild down the system to an opposed roll. Attack and Damage vs Defence and Soak.
    Problem is that you can't just mash the Dex+Melee+Str+Weapon(+Potence) pool into one big pool and have that against...
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