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  • Sconce
    replied to Our Lady of the Waters
    I'd kind of gotten the feeling she at least can represent the idea of the river/lake monster itself, or at least some of the more common legends (the Loch Ness Monster and similar). Don't know if it's what the writer was going for, but the text does call out rivers and lakes in a lot of places where those kinds of stories are popular-ish, so there's at least some support in there for it. And while this bit is pretty indirect and vague to base a guess off of, her entry does imply a link between her and the Old Man of the Mountains if I'm reading it right (calling him "her favorite brother"),...
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  • (As a side note, one of those ways to mostly ignore Defense is the two-dot "Fast Spells" Merit (core book, p. 101) that treats your Aimed spells as Firearms attacks for the purposes of whether or not Defense applies. Not a universal fix since some mages and certain other supernatural creatures can still use part or all of their Defense against Firearms with the right Spooky Powers, but if you're targeting unwilling creatures a lot it's a good way to save a Reach in most cases. It does require a little investment in Time in order to get it, though.

    Otherwise, it seems like...
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