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  • Roguewind
    replied to Freeholds
    Thanks Satchel, your comments have got me thinking.

    Glad to hear the 2e is going into more detail on how the courts operate. I think the 1e dealt with the individuals and antagonist well, but wasn't quite clear enough on the day to day background. That might have just been been me, or it could be that after mainly playing VtM and VtR for so long and reading most of their novels, I've been spoilt with an abundance of background. ...
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  • Roguewind
    started a topic Freeholds


    I've had some Changeling books sitting on my shelves for a few years but only really read the core book. I'm toying with the idea of a Changeling game, so I was looking to create a fictional city. Something I'm not totally clear on, is what the courts do on a day to day basis. I'm more familiar with kindred society and can see how their political system would work, governing feeding rights, enforcing the Masquerade and the other rules of the city. How a freehold functions isn't so obvious to me, so I'd would be interested to hear others' opinions on the political situation in a freehold....
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