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  • Thrythlind
    replied to Question for current 2E games
    Session 0 is important for any game in any system. It's a chance to discuss general ideas and to catch issues that might kill the campaign if ignored. For example, if the players and GM have vastly different ideas of the sort games they want to run.

    If the GM wants to run something akin to Indiana Jones and the players want to do something more like Avengers, there will be conflicts that arise.
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  • As to the formatting of the book.

    I had little difficulty parsing either Mage the Awakening or Mage the Ascension. The biggest problem I had with Awakening (or whichever A the CofD game was) is that the first edition chose a font that made reading it physically tiring.

    That's not a problem with Scion.

    With Exalted, I don't feel like I understand much of anything of Exalted. I've made a character in both 2nd and 3rd editions. But I have no idea how their stats relate to their performance in game even after playing both versions. This may just be a personal...
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  • Thrythlind
    replied to Ainur preliminary thoughts
    I'd rephrase it as "Stewards of Arda" to encompass more than just the continent of Middle Earth which is presumably not a place by the time of the seventh age (supposedly our time period on the assumption that LotR is the distant past of Earth and also to point out they don't view themselves as gods.)
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  • For that matter. Injuries don't have to be physical.

    You could have someone "Attack" you with a Persuasion flirting and give you a -1 "injury" of "Distracted" (in terms of social attacks I'd let players define the injury themselves. If they want the flirting to be successful, cool, if not they can choose some emotional label indicating how the flirting irritated them like "Annoyed.")

    When that emotional injury is a concern then you suffer the -1 die to your roll.

    Similarly "Terrified" could be an injury. "Confused"...
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  • It can't inflict a Bruised or Battered CONDITION.

    Conditions are the labels/effects applied to the character at different severity levels.

    The -1, -2 stuff is severity.

    Lethal damage at the -1 level might be labeled "Flesh Wound" or "Scratch"

    Bashing damage at the -1 level might be "Black Eye" or "Bruised"

    You could not use a sword to inflict a "Concussion" and you could use a baseball bat to inflict a "Severed Hand"

    The way you're reading the mechanics makes...
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  • That's not even close to true.

    I think the only thing tripping people up is the amount of stuff pulled in from systems like Fate or Hero System where you define a name or description of a feature yourself rather than have it defined by the game.

    Advocate for the Hopeful Performer
    Wildlife Mediator
    Born to Blood of Harpies
    Thrived on the Streets
    A Wolf in Secretary's Guise
    Brutal Vigilante
    Cursed with Warped Ka
    The Trickster Fox, Entertainer and Hero
    Marine Born and Raised
    Hidden Gem and Potential
    Something Special...
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