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  • I've been running D&D in Scarred Lands since the first Creature Collection came out just before the 3.0 Monster Manual. The description of the Mithril Golem sold me. I've used content from every source book (seriously, all of them), running for about twice a month for nearly 15 years (we did take a few breaks between campaigns), hitting every meta plot, and bringing four parties from one to epic level. Despite all that, I'm not even close to running out of ideas. There is SO MUCH to use.

    Oh, what happened in your game to the ranger NPC at the beginning of the module? Did he live?...
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  • Ketina
    started a topic Locations in Vesh

    Locations in Vesh

    We're trying to work out where certain landmarks are located in Vesh, specifically ones mentioned in Vigils of Vesh section of Secrets and Societies -- Bride Lake (where the Vigil Watch Fortress is located) and Riverrock (the headquarters of the Arcernoth Delta Vigil).

    Presumably there are many small rivers and lakes that aren't shown on the various maps of Scarn, particularly on the big map of Ghelspad. So it's conceivable to add a lake for Bride Lake. I've been assuming Bride Lake is relatively close to Lave, since the Home Commander is in Lave and the Beltanian Vigil take their...
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  • Ketina
    replied to The Wise and the Wicked 2nd Edition
    What do people think of the fan characters? Yes, I am asking for selfish reasons, since I authored one of them.

    I adore Lavina, and want an excuse to bring a version of her into my campaign (which is still 3.5, because we have way to much invested to make the jump).
    I'm betting that both Othur and Simsel each went through at least part of the Serpent Amphora module, given their connections to Vesh. Othur at least will show up the next time my players find themselves looking for a tavern in Vesh.

    Jervis did not go through the Serpent Amphora. I ran it, but with a...
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  • I ran it years ago, but know it very well.

    Are you starting with the Serpent Amphora mini-module, or the Serpent in the Fold?

    There's an encounter early in the Serpent Amphora mini-module that can easily turn nasty -- The "Totems of Mormo" encounter on pages 8-9. The person on watch missed their spot/perception check (seriously, DC 20!), and the little buggers snuck into the camp. If I hadn't dropped the damage from Coup de Grace like the module suggested, 3/4the of the party would have died right there. Not the best way to start a campaign, but a great way...
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