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  • IanWatson
    replied to Hardtech FTL?
    Keep in mind the difference between core-tech, nova-tech, and Q-tech.

    Eufiber, for example, is the foundation of the OpNet. It's definitely core-tech. Gravcrystals' origin hasn't been specified, only that they're "nova age technology" developed in 2043. They may have been developed by a nova, but they're still core-tech. They probably would have been invented sooner or later, even without novas. Piezoelectric materials (which include some crystals!) are materials which translate mechanical stress into electrical charge. I imagine grav crystals are similar, but instead translate...
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  • IanWatson
    replied to Dystopia Rising questions.
    • Accensorites
    • Red Stars
    • Unborn
    • Digitarians
    • Pure Bloods
    • Solestros
    • Irons
    • Reclaimers
    • Unstable
    • Full Dead
    • Lascarians
    • Semper Mort
    • Mericans
    • Natural Ones
    • Quiet Folk
    • Remnants
    • Retrogrades
    • Tainted
    • Diesel Jocks
    • Rovers
    • Saltwise
    • Baywalkers
    • Yorkers
    • Vegasians
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  • IanWatson
    replied to [Graphic] System Lineage
    Many of the innovations of the "Revised Storyteller System" -- the version of the system first used in Trinity, Aberrant, Adventure!, and Exalted 1e -- were folded back into the main WoD Storyteller branch with the appopriately-named Revised Edition. Fr'ex, 1999's Aberrant was the first game where Bashing, Lethal, and Aggravated were treated recorded as distinct kinds of damage on the health track, and that was folded back into Werewolf and Mage Revised in 2000.
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  • Necroing this thread.

    As many of you are, I'm sure, aware, the canonical (Trinity Continuum: Æon, p. 38) size of the Coalition Ark is "more than 70km".

    Assuming that's exactly 70km, I created this visual comparison.
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  • What Bunyip says here is correct. I can and would totally run a Star Trek game with the Æon rules, but setting-wise there are too many differences.

    That said...

    The Aberrant War left Earth devastated. Even after the Aberrants had been forced off-planet by the Chinese Ultimatum in 2061, it took decades for the nations of the world to recover.

    Possibly inspired by the Aberrants' use of space warps to travel distances, entrepreneur and scientist Zephram Cochrane developed a prototype FTL engine he called "warp drive" from a rural Montana
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  • IanWatson
    replied to Exalted needs a Revamp
    I think "the number of releases" and "which fatsplats" are a much better metric for where we are in the life of a line than how much time has passed, especially considering the vast differences between the way production worked at White Wolf for 1e and 2e vs how production works now....
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  • IanWatson
    replied to Exalted needs a Revamp
    [citation needed]...
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  • IanWatson
    replied to Ask a Dev
    Trinity Continuum and Scion both had the same errata process. Basically:
    1. Backer PDF goes out
    2. Errata are collected
    3. Errata are incorporated into the text
    4. Final PDF/physical book goes out

    Something happened in Scion's third step where, although errata were collected, an earlier un-errata'd version of the text was published. So we released a separate errata document by way of apology and to account for those changes.

    That didn't happen with the Trinity Continuum book. The changes we made were incorporated into the final book. So there's...
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