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  • Devourers are exactly what I was hoping for! Mimics seem extremely cool as well.
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  • DSPaul
    replied to New Night Horrors Book coming!
    Like all the CoD games, Mage has strong elements of horror at its core. Most forms of transhumanism don't really mesh well with horror -- they're too optimistic. Transhumanist thought tends to be based on the idea that it's possible to become superhuman without losing anything valuable in the process. Horror stories in general don't tend to share this assumption; the kind of horror most CoD games specialize in is specifically about trying to remain morally human, or at least humane, in circumstances that threaten your humanity. If existence as a supernatural being doesn't threaten your humanity...
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  • The Shepherds seem to be precursors to the Iron Masters. The Mourners are probably obsolete, given that Pangaea no longer exists -- although they may have spawned secret lodges dedicated to the mysteries of the Gauntlet. The Tyrants were never an organized faction at all. The Maw probably have the most potential as modern-day antagonists -- maybe they're allied with the Devourers, or maybe they're the Devourers' rivals?

    I could also see a niche for a faction of Ghost Wolves who reject Uratha society completely and are seeking a cure for their "curse."...
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