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  • Holy
    replied to Make the Haven Merit Great Again
    Rather than come up with extra effects, our table just made the Merit cheaper. We made Haven a one-dot Merit. You attach the Haven Merit to a Single Safe Place. The Haven Rating is equal to the Rating of the Safe Place it is attached to. If you buy multiple Safe Places, you can can buy additional Haven merits to attach to those. Oh, and for Communal Havens, multiple Kindred could attach their Haven merit to the same Safe Place.

    People were willing to spend an extra dot on haven, but an extra dot per safe place pip was asking a lot.
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  • Holy
    replied to Shovelheads
    In 2E Requiem, the Ordo Dracul have a power that mimicks this process:
    • Mass Embrace (p159, Req2E)
    • Prerequisite Coils: The Vast Dynasty
    • Procedure: First things first, the Dragon must locate and gather a group of mortals she seeks to embrace. Given the risks of this Scale, and weakness of the Dragon upon its completion, she would be well-advised to bring several allies as well.
    • Subjects are brought together in a low, concave space capable of containing large quantities of liquid (in this case, blood). The Dragon then completes the following steps. First, she hemorrhages all of her Vitae,
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