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  • *raises glass*

    FWIW, I don't feel the aspects of the setting you like have gone away in fandom. It's just that after all this time the arguments have been had. Those who want that take on Creation don't gain anything by arguing with a fandom and creative team who have their own set vision in mind. So those elements of the fandom have largely just gone quiet, moved onto other games ect. We may still consider ourselves Exalted fans, we're just not so much a part of this community any more....
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  • Croakamancer
    replied to The looooong wait
    The one delay that bites for me is Heirs.

    I'm not fussed about the rest of the line: Onyx Path's resources are far from limitless, but it's starting to feel like the devs just really wanted to do anything but that book. We've had a bunch of new projects enter the system since then, it seems likely we'll have two Kickstarters run, creating more companion books, and the first one has been sitting at development for how long? Everything else I'm willing to accept but that just feels mismanaged. And it kinda kills any motivation to back further Kickstarters at a high tier - why should...
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