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  • I cannot agree with this more! Wraith is not an easy game to get a handle on, but once you DO? Oh, it's wonderful. So yeah, this Handbook for the Recently Deceased kind of acts like both an (extremely extended) elevator speech for "how's that actually work" AND as a primer for anyone who already loves the game to find ways to introduce others who are not already tuned in to the (under) world of Wraith: The Oblivion.

    ...I was NOT paid to write any of that. I just love this game!...
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  • Phaolan
    replied to Wraith Novels - Worth It?
    The milieu of Wraith is so personal, I have a hard time getting into novels about "someone else's ghost," if you know what I mean? I liked them enough, for sure, but I didn't love them like I did almost all of the Vampire novels...
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  • Okay, some of the below is pedantic, but I kind of mark where that is. Great book, mind you!

    p 5, third para, “from the first moments; how it starts” would be better with a colon “first moments: how it starts”
    p 5, last para, “among the Quick and the Dead” should have lower case “dead”
    p 7, first para (under the sidebar), “deceptively simple: die with unfinished” should be capitalized after colon “simple: Die” since it’s a full sentence…
    p 7, third para, “that seem random, but that inevitably turn out” would be better as “random,...
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