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  • To a point made above: Yes, ALL of these demand context, but some more than others. I mean, as one moves through the Refinement of Gold, for example, problems with understanding how humans interact with each other will diminish within some circumstances but not in ALL. After all, Aurum doesn't tell one how issues of dominance works all the time...

    I like this one!

    - Worries that ALL eggs hide baby birds inside them... Until proven otherwise. Especially problematic around Easter.
    - Upset (be it confused, angry, or simply worried) when children tell adults...
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  • Phaolan
    replied to Onyx Path's Gehenna.
    Oh, and needless to say, my 'badmouthing' of Justin Achilli is ONLY due to the way some of us on the antediluvian forum boards (certainly NOT yours truly, mind you!) said that Revised Edition Vampire: The Masquerade wrecked EVERYTHING that we loved about the game. There were plenty of similar comments around V20 as we recall, and I'm sure we would have got that from any version of V4 that Onyx Path developed. My take has ever echoed that of The Gentleman Gamer, being that it's ALL optional, even when it's 'canon' or in the 'rulez' of the book(s)....
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