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  • Here it is:

    Kraina of the Woods

    A koldun with this power can bring to anywhere she stands the might of a forest from her native homeland. With merely a touch, hauntingly beautiful and dangerous trees belonging to the forest develop from inside any surface, animating to defend the koldun. Whole trees grow with branches and roots that can impale a vampiric foe or try to strangle victims to death. Sustained by the koldun’s will and blood these trees usually wither and die rapidly, but can also be made permanent. If damaged, they have the koldun's blood and not sap...
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  • I adopted the Kraina system for Koldunism, but had to assume there are Secondary "Generic" Kraina like Genius Loci/Way of Spirit available to Koldun, beside learning Krainas based on specific Lands/places. For instance, a Weather Control Kraina and a Spirit Manipulation analog Kraina (that actually deals with Umbra Spirits, as Genius Loci/Wayof Spirit does not). These were all the attend to players (and mine) spectations of what magics Kolduns could work (and how).

    I have also created a Kraina of the Forest, or a Way of the Woods, before the similarly themed Kraina from...
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