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  • Reasor My player has no knowledge whatsoever of Changeling: The Dreaming, I don't think it is necessary to an enjoyable Kiasyd play experience! We focus on the theme of a vampire outcast oddity, suffering for something lost that is yearned for yet unknown and unremembered--like missing someone you love but not remembering their face. That's how we depict the relationship with the lost fae nature.

    Draconis The Folkloric Bane Flaw is actually for taking aggravated damage from silver, not cold iron. However, I do wonder if it is really necessary for the cold iron damage and the obvious...
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  • [V5] Kiasyd/Maeghar as Thin-Blood Vampire Faeries

    This is a take on the Kiasyd/Maeghar I developed for my current V5 home-brew game with a Malkavian Maeghar PC.

    The premise is that fae-touched people when Embraced become Thin Bloods of a sorts. Their vampiric blood is thin because of how strong their fae blood is, regardless of Sire's Generation. They are more faerie than vampire.

    Apart from having a Generation, but a cap of zero on Blood Potency, they follow V5's normal Thin-Blood rules. These Kiasyd/Maeghar are a bit more powerful than normal Thin-Bloods, because of how we built their multiple Thin-Blooded Merits...
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