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  • The tallies are...

    A) Rites of celebration and fellowship.‚Äč (8)
    B) Expanded Hive-Claimed rules, with sub-types and Hive-Claimed sorcerers (20)
    C) A new Gift (1)
    D) A Lodge of Ghost Wolves who draw on the power of Void spirits (2)

    So with a landslide victory of twenty (20) votes I'd say that expanded Hive-Claimed rules wins....
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  • Camelot's Fall was the final Omen that allowed Merlin to Ascend. He helped build Camelot for the express purpose of toppling it. In the later romances where the fall of Camelot is due to Arthur's Original Sin early in his rule, it isn't because Morgan seduced him under a glamour that Camelot fell, but because Arthur pulled a King Herod (on the advice of Merlin) to prevent the terrible future that was foreseen should his bastard son reach adulthood. In that particular tale, Merlin is ostensibly trying to help but makes the situation worse. In Mage, Merlin was setting up the dominoes to knock them...
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  • I'm voting for B. A and D are really, really tempting. But B is just too cool
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