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  • EDIT: Disregard this post, I managed to figure out my problem with the Escalido font
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  • Arcanist
    replied to Opinions on the Avarice Chronicle?
    I definitely think the standout moment of that particular pre-constructed Chronicle is meeting the Deceived in their city/artist's colony of Sybaris. It's one thing being a meret of Arisen. It's a whole other thing when seven Deceived just sort of waltz up and their spokesperson utters a phrase like "We are seven, but the seven are one."
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  • To follow up on the last two pieces of advice; be fans of the player characters. Encourage them to advance, to do stuff, to go out into the world and do things. And if that doesn't work, give them a kick up the backside to get them moving. The Principle has Lilithim for a reason, after all.

    Additionally, when designing Milestones, never decide what the "correct" outcome should be. Milestones are choices. They're moments of clarity and understanding. Milestones are about learning how to be human, and there's no wrong way to be human (You can make some freaking awful choices...
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