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  • I still feel the pros out weigh the cons too much. I've never Frenzied in Werewolf (though it's only a matter of time) and that's including asking to make frenzy rolls because I feel like the situation calls on one even if the ST hasn't called for one. Frankly the negative aspects of Rage have been at worst a somewhat annoying feature than an actual detriment while the positives give such a great amount of power. Even the few times that Rage has caused actual problems in campaigns it still doesn't seem much of a risk. And if you ever try to do a crossover campaign it's just straight up OP
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  • Anyone think Rage is a bit too powerful?

    I have been off these forums for a while so I'm sorry if this was brought up before but I'm just curious what others thought. In our games we've had Rage has proven to be an almost too powerful of a stat with the ease of replenishment and abilities it confers. We've had to house rule a few aspects of it such as raising the xp costs and a few other things to keep it from causing too many problems.
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