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  • What would be required to break a Monstrance of Celestial Portion and free the exaltation linked to it? Or even cleanse the exaltation allowing it to enter the normal reincarnation cycle?

    I'm guessing certainly solar circle. We know that the Monstrances were made with very high level necromancy, makes sense they might be unmade with high level sorcery.
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  • Chiaroscuro is already in my story, including some Wuzia style rooftop chases and a hidden library guarded by a shadowy group of monks.

    Lap sounds awesome, its going in the game.

    Wu-jian I know from the intro as you say, not sure I want to use it though.

    Lathe is interesting, is that part of Autochthon? I'm not sure if I wan to bring that into the game until my PCs are more comfortable in the setting and have already got a good understanding about the godswar from in game sources.

    Thorns is going to be a big part of the game once they get their...
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  • gribblethemunchkin
    started a topic Wow! locations to rope in new players

    Wow! locations to rope in new players

    I'm looking to run my first game of Exalted with my regular gaming group. I love the setting but my players haven't even read the books yet. I want to hook my players as soon as possible into the setting and I'm looking for some awesome locations that will feel very different to the usual dungeons and dragons style medieval fantasy worlds.

    In part I'm already playing up the eastern feel. All taverns have been replaced with tea-rooms. Rival martial arts schools battle it out in the streets. Mysterious gods guard ancient manses. Etc etc. And the central plot of my game is going to...
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