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  • Question about buying services:
    For services that provide an on-going but limited duration, roughly how long is that service retained?
    For example: an assistant / personal trainer / chauffeur, protective amulet, weatherproof shelter, renting a tour bus, etc.
    In the Services appendix, it says that it takes about a week to acquire the service, but not how long it will last. Many of the examples are clearly good for one specific action (regardless how long it takes), but some, as in the examples above, there’s not really an implied time frame with how they’re used - but they...
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  • Seraph Kitty
    replied to Mixing Cults with Barony
    I’ve been working on merging these systems together over the last several days, and I’m more and more convinced they work really well together. I’m most of the way through a full write up, but here’s a brief summary of what it looks like.

    In the primacy system, the main character is the cult. It focuses on city-wide political scheming, with actions that take at least one day, by default.
    I’ve added a new type of Foundation: barony. In this, its basically one influential person instead of a group, but otherwise acts with cult rules.
    When cults take actions directly...
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  • I've worked on the specific mechanics for this a little more, and here's what I have...

    When acquiring equipment or services, the player may voluntarily raise the Availability by 1 more dots to earn one of the following benefits:
    • Higher quality item: +1 equipment bonus per additional cost
    • Secondary qualities: gain a +2 bonus to a quality different to its main purpose. An expensive purse adds a bonus to social rolls; a higher premium on a phone may have better security; you hire a smuggler who is also reliably dangerous if they get caught.
    • Discretion: the vendor does not keep
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