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  • I would also suggest that making insanity and paradox into Arcana does not highlight them as threats to the awakened, or really a matter of choosing to corrupt oneself for the greater good. The range and degree of power that Arcana offer instead give total power to the mages: with 2 dots, they can literally make people immune to those purviews. If you want to make something a threat, don't give players nigh limitless power over it.

    For perspective, think about how Death mages deal with ghost stories. While there are mysteries and dangers and unforeseen consequences to acting like...
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  • Seraph Kitty
    replied to Help with clues
    In the new investigation rules, characters roll to discover clues, which can then help them solve the case and be used for bonuses on related things. Each clue comes with "elements" which are essentially its number of uses.
    Succeed on an investigaton roll (with any relevant skill), you get a clue with 1 element/use. Add one if exceptional success. Add 1 if their skill rating is 4+ dots. Add 1 if they have a relevent specialty. And there are merits that can help.
    You're supposed to save 1 use from every major clue to solve the crime. All those extra uses become discretionary...
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