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  • If I recall correctly, Book of the Dead mixes fluff and mechanics fairly evenly. All of the fluff should still be valid, so there's a lot of good material.

    The mechanics are mostly template specific (new geist powers, rules for ther splats) and sample antagonists- and that will be really tricky.

    The problem is that ghosts got a major overhaul in 2e. This makes kerberoi especially difficult, because we know their main mechanics need an update (as high ranking ghosts) and that the Sin Eater powers they use are also getting a huge revision - and we have no idea what those...
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  • When I did a 1.5e patch to use geist in a 2e mage game, what I did was treat the Archetypes the same as demon's Agendas, and that worked rather well. Made a neat condition for my Necromancer PC.

    It's tough because GtSE emphasized personal experiences and self determination. Krewes are basically "build your own mystery cult". So it made sense for the Y Splat to be how the character deals with their second chance (or at least the ghosty business parts). You can't really have large organizations like the other Y Splats without really cutting into those themes. So, you look...
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  • Twilight is a state of being which is part of the physical world, but invisible and intangible to physical things - but things in the same state of being can interact normally.
    Ghosts exist in Twilight naturally, but can use powers to shift into a physical state. Once physical, anything physical can interact with it normally - even ordinary people and objects; they have some resistance to mundane physical harm, but can still be hurt normally. Supernatural attacks, objects, and powers are more effective, but anything can wear them down eventually.
    But they can only only manifest for...
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  • Seraph Kitty
    replied to Story telling challenges
    Check out this thread:

    3+ rules variants for updating them, plus a lot of discussion about themes.

    I love Purified a lot too, and try to sneak them into my campaigns when possible. I did have one purified character in my werewolf 1e game for a while; it worked well
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