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  • Memoria requires that you be at the location of a meaningful event *or* have a ghost’s anchor. Because some Anchors are portable, and Sin-Eaters can very easily recognize them, it’s likely that such a character will want to carry around an Anchor with a “useful” scene.
    [Note: the third dot let’s you “bottle” any memory and take it with you, but only characters who drink from the bottle gain the Memoria condition... but as this isn’t the Sin-Eaters condition, it isn’t entirely clear if they can add Actors who didn’t drink from the bottle or not.]

    With 4 dots,...
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  • Mountains are traditional for a mining settlement, however in a post-apocalyptic setting it makes more sense to look at places Man would have accumulated mass amounts of the resources. For example, an “airplane museum” (I believe New Mexico has one) where mass amounts of aluminum are just in display in a weird place - which gets buried in the ages since Mans’ Fall, and would be ripe for an open pit mine.

    Gunpowder might be accumulated in ancient factories or military bases. If expanded to other types of explosive, like gasoline or propane, there’s off shore oil drilling, refineries,...
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  • In practical terms, they are the Virtue / Vice equivalent for Sin-Eaters: driving aspects of their personality, which refresh Willpower when acted upon. But, as quoted by Tessie, it’s not a “higher calling vs bad coping mechanism”; it motivates their interactions with the living and the dead.
    Each has a “1 willpower” and an “all willpower” way of being invoked.

    If you’d like more examples, the virtue/vice equivalents in any book might provide inspiration (but might have to be adapted). Any core personality trait or archetype could fit.

    To go into...
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