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  • Seraph Kitty
    replied to [W20]Rules Light?
    I’ve worked on a rules-lite version of werewolf based on Fate Accelerated, and have gotten to run a few one shots - mostly Ratkin games.
    Because I was working from convention assumptions (A: my players would be new to gaming and not heavily invested in the setting; and B: it’s be short lived chronicles, mostly one-shots), there’s a LOT that got paired down that I think a real fan of W20 wouldn’t jive with.

    But I turned a lot of elements into character Aspects, gave guidelines for converting gifts/rites/merits into Stunts (and provided tribe-iconic stunts to pick from...
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  • I chose to play a Ghoul in my last VtM game, and this is basically the attitude I went in with. My ST and I both wanted to play up the ‘secret society’ and political aspects - so basically avoided the abusive relationship / slavery elements (at least with my character).

    I played a Toreador ghoul to a relatively influential elder, primarily acting as a recruiter. In daylight, she was an undergrad and political activist, and approached ghouldom like an internship to become the ruling elite (tm).
    The horror came from meeting her master in a blood den comprised of all the friends...
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  • That sounds like an amazingly evocative approach; I’m sold.
    I doubt I would have realized it could be run that way from the passages we have in the core, or the type of information it describes revealing. That sounds phenomenal, and a little intimidating to run. Frankly I could use an entire book of guidelines for developing and running supernal symbolism, but I know that’s so highly personalized to almost be impossible - so I’ve started studying tarot and other symbolism just to started learning those skills.

    … handling it that way, I would probably have an initial...
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  • I tend to rely on the Signs of Sorcery section “mysteries as clues” - finding out what is happening is usually less interesting than the why and what are we going to do about it?
    For more serious mysteries that form, like, a City-wide great mystery or major plot point, I lean on locked opacity (needing some kind of key, understanding another mystery), giving specific but not helpful (yet) information, and unknowable/nonsensical information of the Higher Mysteries (the abyss, archmaster shenanigans, shards of the time before, lower depths).

    I often consult the guides for...
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  • As far as I recall, First Edition also said that influence rating was capped by Rank … however there were a lot of stat blocks inconsistent with this (and ghosts didn’t even have Rank).

    In general, no. But things can also be fudged for story reasons, at the Storyteller’s discretion. If I were to raise an influence for higher, I would use Ban of Power - essentially just adding a Ban/Bane appropriate to whatever reason the stat was raised.

    Is there a reason you don’t want to just use a Rank 3 spirit though?
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  • This, for sure.

    As far as mage society being able to /stop/ that kind of behavior, it comes down to:
    - reducing the amount of satisfaction the offender can derive from acting this way - through education on its harmful effects, punishing offenses, or finding a way to prevent them in the first place
    - teaching other ways to feel powerful that don’t rely on abuse
    - addressing the root causes for this motivation (like insecurity)

    And I’ll agree with the premise of the OP that the desire to exploit and abuse others to feel powerful would reinforce the...
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  • In terms of what intervention looks like, I imagine the escalation to look something like this [note, I don’t have the books in front of me; I think Sanctum and Sigil and Guardians go into this]:

    Depending on your relationship to the offender (and the severity of their actions), try to convince them to stop.
    - Intervention: if you have a relatively good relationship, talk to them about their motives, what’s wrong with what they’re doing, and how much of a Concern this is becoming
    - Intimidation: if there’s not a good relationship, and you think you can get away...
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