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  • Thank you both; I found the section in the Mutapa Dark Era (DEC 136, for other people's reference). In addition to being bound to the Autochthonous Depths, it also mentions that "Anpu sometimes forbids Arisen from traveling to the Astral Realms and Shadow, but a sufficiently interesting scenario may change his mind." This suggests to me that he will intervene and forbid entry to most of the Realms Invisible, but that Arisen can explain their need for access. As a storyteller, I would probably rule that if their entry aligns to their Judge's Will, Anpu won't interfere; otherwise they'll...
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  • Question: Arisen and the Realms Invisible

    I'm wondering if there are any official rulings or special systems about how Mummy characters access and interact with other realms - the underworld, the shadow, etc. I seem to remember reading somewhere whether they were treated as living or dead by the Old Laws, but I can't find it now.... I do know of the "anchored" curse of the Deceived, but am looking for anything regarding typical Arisen.
    I imagine they follow all the general rules for accessing, say, the Shadow that mortals world, and that their abilities don't work any differently there; and I certainly couldn't find any...
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