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  • Greetings from the Philippines. We have a plethora of (far more obscure) deities from our indigenous animist traditions. Why not give these a try?

    Bathala - Creator god of the Tagalogs
    Idiyanale - Goddess of labor and good deeds
    Lakanpati - Fertility god
    Aman Sinaya - Goddess of fishermen
    Diyan Masalanta - Goddess of love and fertiity
    Kabunian - A tribal god of the Igorot ethnic group
    Anitong Tawo - God of wind and rain
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  • terpsichordean
    started a topic Using Fate on Spirits

    Using Fate on Spirits

    So I'm putting our cabal's Acanthus against a storm spirit. Their battle is on a rooftop amidst a typhoom battering the city. Are spirits vulnerable to Fate magic? Are they affected by Boons and Hexes, and do they have Sympathetic links as well?

    This could be a silly question, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. The Acanthus has Spirit 1.
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  • Our current chronicle has 6 PCs, 3 of whom are Guardians. You can imagine the amount of shadowy intrigue that takes place, and the lengths at which they hide magic from prying eyes. They belong to the local caucus in Manila called the Moriones aka The Faceless Legion.

    Alunsina, Mastigos
    The cabal's unofficial leader and doorwarden. A master infiltrator and social predator. She's looking for her missing master, Mephistopheles. Has a tendency of speaking with her I'd, which is slowly becoming it's own creature (Goetia).

    Pastilan, Mastigos
    The resident hacker...
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  • Thank you Masa for sharing your interest. Starting with a long-winded history kind of bogged me down, and I realized I was approaching the setting from a tedious perspective. I will be sharing more about the mysteries in Manila in the form of another thread.
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"Mage: Manila by Night - An ongoing campaign set in the Manila's Consilium of the Pearl"
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