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  • Found the TC rule for this. Wonder if I just transplanted it over to Scion without realizing....
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  • I run a weekly VTT game, we just reset the pool every week. It starts with an amount equal to the number of the players there that week, the max is twice the number of the players. If someone isn't there that week or we have a guest star, the pool is just higher or lower that week. I've found that method makes the players pretty willing to spend what is in the pool since it resets every session. Also super easy to track as a SG because you just need to reset it.

    In terms of mechanically how do you track the shared pool in a VTT situation, I use roll20 and I just create a token for...
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  • I run it this way and was gonna quote the relevant sections of the book for people but now I cannot for the life of me find this in Origin or Hero. Can anyone point out where this is?...
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