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  • In general there would be divisions along several lines:

    First is the governance type - the division Glamourveaver mentioned. Some exalts would push for a strong, centralized government form (with Merela faction being a distinctlt visible subfaction of that group). Some would want the Deliberative to be running things. Finally, some would push for a system that would give maximum freedom to individual exalt rulers, kingdoms and factions, without getting hampered by restrictions created by others.

    Second is the inter-celestial host power breakdown game - with some exalts...
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  • Astralporing
    replied to Thoughs on 'Rule Breaking'
    Usually you do it by making kiling the enemies to not be the best (or even good) solution. If it is, people will default to just piling more power. Unless you introduce some railroad mechanics that a lot of players will end up having problems with.

    That's not the type of unintended consequences i had in mind. More like that, while killing enemies may solve some of your problems, it's almost certain to introduce new ones - some of which you may not like. So, it often pays to think of other potenial solutions that might be better in the long run....
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