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  • No. They can channel compassion in any situation where they normally could... as long as it doesn't conflict with their understanding of the greater good.

    Notice, that it's not about some objective greater good, but greater good as the Solar sees it. It may be about saving/helping the many at the cost to the few, but it doesn't have to be a direct number comparison... or, depending on the nature of the greater good, it can be about saving the few worth saving at the cost to the many that are unworthy. You can really twist the virtues in pretzels with this charm, as long as the end...
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  • Astralporing
    replied to Do you play Ex3?
    We've stopped playing consistently short time after 2.5e got cancelled. There were attempts to pick it up later, after ex3 release, but they never went far. It was for a multitude of reasons, some of which had nothing to do with Exalted system itself. Some, however, did have something to do with it. For one, obviously, there's not much splats available (and we were not really willing to put time into homebrewing them). Second, we've found that the new attempts were far more narrativist and far less mechanic intensive than before. For some reason even those of us that liked the mechanic side of...
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