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  • Define harmony. Vampires eat humans. Humans usually kill any threat to them. However Vampires can also promise power and immortality which is what many humans would strife for. It also depends a lot on the vampire Clan in question, i cant see Gangrel and Humans getting along. Toreador and humans might work out MUCH better. Tzimisce would only work if the vampires have the clear upper hand which in your scenario isnt the case.

    So scenarios i can see where this works out:

    Vampires gain very influential rich humans as ghouls and pawns with the promise of power and immortality,...
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  • Orkar
    replied to Crossover idea Conan-Hyborea
    Selene is a nice tip =)

    Im asking myself a few questions there as definitely a few problems Arise when we look at the timeline, since the Hyborean age takes place roughly 10.000 BC before the great flood. So...what areas could be which? Could Atlantis have been the First city and Skelos the second?

    Is the Land of Nod maybe the old Land of Acheron? Wouldnt there have been more than 1 flood event? (Atlantis the first) Which 4th Gen Vampries could already have been around, if any? How old would 2nd Gens be? How far back is Caine?

    I mean overall it seems quite...
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  • Orkar
    started a topic Crossover idea Conan-Hyborea

    Crossover idea Conan-Hyborea

    Hello everyone,

    we already had an idea about vampires in anitquity, rome, greece...why not go much further? I always liked the conan stories and the hyborean age as setting and with True Brujah time travel isnt totally impossible. So what about pitting vampires of a medieval campaign into the world of Conan, were the gods (Mithra etc.) could be unknown 2nd Gen vampires that didnt survive to the great flood, many monsters could be extinct shapechangers or forms of Gangrel, various 3rd Gen Vampires could still be encountered when they were still young in various cultures like Haquim...
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