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  • Oh absolutely. I mean, I'm talking about a lone Lunar being in talk with members of the Bronze so obviously the answer will be far more contextual than if the Sidereals were forging an alliance with an entire organisation.

    i just wanted the forum's opinion as to whether it was something they'd consider within the bounds of possibility without needing to retcon anything setting wise. In the backstory I'm writing to try and justify the Sidereals not attacking him offhand, he would have used in newfound position to solidify various businesses belonging to his House and particularly...
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  • Question about the Bronze Faction's feelings about unaffiliated Lunars.

    In the Lunar manual, the Sidereals affiliated with the Realm are mentioned primarily for their role in the Usurpation, the Wyld Hunt and their constant opposition to the Silver Pact. When alliances are alluded to, they concern members of the Gold or the Independants.

    But do you guys think members of the Bronze Faction would be amenable to working closely with Lunars that are not members of the Silver Pact and are even unequivocally opposed to it?
    I'm not playing right now so this is purely conceptual, but I had in mind for a character concept a loyal and competent but unappreciated...
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