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  • I think this is the BIG problem. I.... don't know. I mean I want it to have lots of diverse functionality regardless, but a specific theme? I have no clue. A thought comes to mind but I don't know how ridiculous it is. What about something like a genesis device? The Manse was designed to be a self contained "seed" for creation should it every be destroyed or collapse to the point where the Wyld consumed everything again. Maybe this could be an excuse for it to be more than a Solar-Lunar Manse - what if to unlock every aspect they need a sidereal and dragonblood's help? Plus the requisite...
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  • Hahaha no, I would never, ever describe something that way in game - least of all something I put this much work into. I put it that way to them when we were batting around aesthetics and they said their only regret was picking the north and not having a pyramid for a manse and I was like "what about something like x" - that and to quick describe it to ya'll. In game it will be embellished til the cows come home, best believe. It's the centerpiece for the campaign for the most part....
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  • Question, Part 2:

    All right then - thanks, that gives me a good idea. This manse is going to be set up in the north, and you guys have given me some great ideas on what to do with it. I plan to make it a pyramid of sorcerously hardened ice (which will look something like lapis lazuli and be hard as shit) - First Age Solar-Lunar manse, meaning I'd like to incorporate orichalcum and moonsilver into its design. Is that going too far? Is it doable to blend the two?
    Beyond that though, I plan to do something like this with it:
    Probably give them sections of it (in the...
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  • First Age Artifacts and Manses - what can they do? How do I balance them as an ST?

    My players have had a fair bit of experience in the game and for the next "iteration" of our play I'm allowing 5 dot manses and artifacts. We were at one point considering a boat which was also a mobile manse and super powerful. We may wind up with something more stationary - a more traditional manse - but they're Essence 2 and I want them to have a First Age super powerful manse (which I also intend to unlock features of throughout the course of play depending on conditions they fulfill).

    The problem?

    I have no clue what First Age artifacts, much less manses...
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