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  • I mean...cover's on the bland side, yes, but nothing that's eye-meltingly awful.

    Anyways, 139 pages? Should make for a nice read while I'm out on vacation, specially since I'm finishing up my read-through of CtD20....
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  • Preparing for a trip out of the country. Picked up Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove on the Switch. Let's see this supposed nostalgia-throwback that actually does it right...

    *3 levels and +100 deaths later*

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  • Oh, what I meant by that was that with the Seers, based on their write-up in the core book, that they're all evil, oppressive dicks and enjoy every bit of misery they cause. Not a whole lot of variance to make them anything but that.

    The Pentacle Orders, to me, they have enough nuance and wiggle room to make them as "Good" or as "Evil" as you please for your chronicle. Maybe the Silver Ladder are egomaniacal assholes that think they're the most qualified to lead all mages, or maybe they as benevolent as the recruitment pamphlets make them to be and genuinely want...
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  • Granted, there's been a little bit of talk on giving the remaining 2E's a Kickstarter.

    Nothing's come of it yet, but still....
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  • Ooooh, now I'm even more psyched for the Player's Guide!

    Yeah, I'll be the first to admit that, while I never bought the idea of "Teaching Lessons" was the ONLY philosophy that Beasts subscribe to, the core rulebook has presentation issues where it seems like it is. Upcoming should help with that.

    Yeah I know: I specifically did not mention the Centimani or the alchemists for that reason.

    Granted, with the Centimani, it's more of a legacy thing from the previous edition and it would have been extremely weird if the Flux Refinement...
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  • ...which in 2E the devs went out of their way to de-emphasize the Atlantis connection. So that assertion doesn't really hold much water now.

    Which has less to do with expanding PC splats' perspective and more to do with developer preference.

    The lead dev for Beast, Matt McFarland, has historically been against having playable antagonists in the games he develops. His other games, Demon and Promethean, he goes out of his way to point out how antagonist entities like angels and Pandorans are NOT meant to be touched by the players. And that they are meant to...
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  • Thanks for the answers, guys. Got enough to work with.

    Debating on if I should post up my one-shot write up or not after I've put down enough in writing...
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  • You sure you're not thinking of Mage? Because otherwise, that doesn't sound like a completely accurate representation of Werewolf.

    Sure, appealing to the open-ended decision making in an RPG is great and does capture the feel of the open-endness of a TRPG, but paramount to Werewolf specifically? Not really....
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  • Nintendo, take us on home.

    -Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Didn't like Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, not bothering with this game.


    -Kirby 2018, Yoshi 2018

    Sidescrolling platformers, don't care.


    -Pokken Tournament DX

    Don't care about Pokken.

    (And an offhand mention that a mainline Pokemon game on Switch does in fact exist)




    ('s true...
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  • Sony's next.

    -Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    ...still haven't played Uncharted 3-4...

    Granted I'm not sure if there's a whole lot I'm missing since this is a spin off. Otherwise...yeah, this game is out there.

    -Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds

    Snow time!

    More stuff for HZD. Still need to get this game...

    -Days Gone

    Yeah...this zombie game...exists...

    -Monster Hunter World

    I mean. Is the title going full open world? Is it online? Like, what is this?

    Also, not...
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  • I dunno, adding VR functionality to a (now) 2 year old game isn't exactly something to knock the house down.

    I still got a lot of stuff to do in Fallout 4. But I'm not exactly salivating at the thought of playing Fallout 4 in VR.


    Ubisoft next, here we go.

    -Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

    It's happening: the Rabbids are invading the Mushroom Kingdom. the form of a turn-based strategy game? That's really weird...and not what...
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  • Bethesda's next.

    As a theme park nerd...yeah I'm giggling in delight at "Bethesdaland".

    -Bethesda VR

    As was announced previously...yeah, DOOM (4) and Fallout 4 getting VR support.

    I currently don't own a VR rig but it could be neat to play those games again in VR.

    -Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

    Yeah...Morrowind expansion.

    Have heard that the game has massively improved since launch. Have this

    -Creation Club

    Ok, so making a more centralized hub for mods. That's cool....
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  • Did they outright confirm that?

    I thought the only thing confirmed was that the franchise was going on "hiatus"?

    A bit late due to stepping out to grab my E3 badge.

    Microsoft's next. First of the Big 3, here we go.

    -Xbox One X

    From Scorpio to...Xbox One X.


    I mean. "PS4 Pro" isn't really that snazzy of a name either. I think we can deal with "Xbox One X".

    FFS Nintendo...
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  • I actually had a similar but slightly different thought. Instead of them being a coterie of heroic vampires I had thought to make them a motley of changelings from CtD20.


    Ok EA, you're up first. What you got for us?

    -Madden NFL 18, NBA Live 18, FIFA 18

    Sports games, don't care.

    -Battlefield 1 DLC

    Ok I'm confused: is this DLC purely multiplayer content or does it include single-player AND multiplayer content? Because the trailer they used makes me...
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  • Any information on 1950's America or Los Angeles in Chronicles of Darkness?

    Yo: doing some prep work on a one-shot CofD game. Specifically one set in Hollywood/Los Angeles, 1959.

    But before I go any deeper, is there any existing material in CofD/nWoD that talks about either Hollywood/Los Angeles or America in the 1950's?

    I've already know that in MtAw2e, Los Angeles has a write up in the settings chapter. And the Mage Noir *kinda* has it, but it's mostly in America in the 40's and leading up to the 50's.

    There anything else out there besides those two?
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  • tasti man LH
    replied to Building a Legend
    Ok then. Uhm...

    -If you're reasonably confident and knowledgeable on what kind of game your players want, then yeah, you should be ok. Stuff like the Region building and creating the local Primordial Dream you should be fine with on your own.

    -Creating NPCs is obviously going to be different if you aren't building any that represent specific Social Merits for any of the PCs. Although BaL does offer the suggestion of just having a list of a bunch of NPCs, and only defining the bare minimum of stuff for them (personality traits, physical appearances, general overview...
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  • tasti man LH
    replied to Building a Legend
    Uhm...may I first ask why do you not want to factor in a group of PCs?...
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  • Well, we kinda can since there have been rules written about it...sorta.

    In the Dark Eras Companion book, we have an era that's a crossover era with Mage and Mummy in "Princes of the Conquered Land". Which contains a bunch of new rules and mechanics involving Mages and Mummies interacting with each other. Such as what happens when a Mage attempts to interact with the Pillars and likewise with a Mummy interacting with Mana. And overall defining what Mages and Mummies can/cannot do to each other.

    Granted, there is the caveat of having to purchase the entire Companion...
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  • Oh in that case...yeah, there wasn't any.

    We had Dark Eras 1 and Beast finally getting released last year, but that was it....
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  • No, there was never a KS for the CofD rulebook.

    ...granted I don't think it would be necessary to have one anyways. Especially since we sorta already got that book in the form of the GMC. This book just beefed up the rulebook section.

    Also, to be fair to Deviant, apparently it getting to a late start wasn't by choice. I believe there was something about issues on Dave Brookshaw's end that prevented him from moving forward with Deviant's outline (and subsequently all of the MtAw books in development were slowed to a crawl).

    I'm ok with the wait. Got a helluva...
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