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  • That's not quite the case. My idea was that the entity is, in a way, traumatized by knowing too much about the worst aspects of humanity's history. And as such it is lashing out erratically at humans, but also wants to believe it is serving a greater, timeless cause. When it uses the Miracle Dread Power, it means that the target's personal timeline is being edited. The parts that are edited out become sustenance for the Horror, which it metabolizes for asexual reproduction. Its "offpsring" are those Temporal Anomalies, stillborn ghostly things meant to remind people of what could have...
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  • [New Horror] The Bookburner Engine

    There was once a community not too different from yours, but it was haunted by a ghost which could not be exorcised. They believed that the past is what holds potential, and the future is something to be left behind. VHS tapes, vinyl discs, and similar mementos of a bygone era of simplicity and innocence were piled atop each other in a basement filled with the moldy stench of clogged nostalgia. Their geometric arrangement was ominously intricate and perfectly deliberate. Within each item of this altar was a recording of someone's forsaken memories, so that the community would only remember the...
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  • I like it enough to give an earnest chance to a rewrite, and have idly envisioned multiple ideas for Chronicles centered on it. Some of my most fun characters are Beasts, I'll readily admit. There are too many people who describe this game like it's the second coming of FATAL or whatever. Those people should sit down and realize that it's just a somewhat bad game with some promising parts. Furthermore, some arguments they use as "proof" that the game is an abomination have been decently addressed in the supplements, but not fully fixed. Last but not least, its flawed nature is very old...
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  • GibberingEloquence
    replied to Homebrew Nightmares
    It's Coming Out Of The Screen (Common Nightmare)
    That's not possible, it's just a movie. You must be tired and imagining things. But what if it's real? What else could be lurking behind every media you see? There's no way to be sure, and your sense of truth is unraveling as that creature places its hand on your shoulder and smiles at you.

    Dice Pool: None, see below.
    Action: Reflexive

    Normal: The Beast takes a –2 penalty on her roll to invoke another Nightmare, and in return she can infuse a piece of media with her Nightmare. The first person to observe that...
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  • Nihilum AKA Nothing After Nothing Crawled Into The World (Prime •••••, Befouled)
    Practice: Making
    Primary Factor: Potency
    Suggested Rote Skills: Occult, Intimidation, Expression
    Withstood: Resolve
    Cost: 1 Mana

    Your belief in the Supernal is distorted and distant, like a repressed memory of something unspeakable. You are overwhelmed by a creeping, uncanny sense that nothing is real. Polite and dripping voices infest your Oneiros, whispering insane delusions and empty epiphanies that sound perfectly True. Your Mage Sight becomes a cracked mirror that reflects...
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  • Satchel Is this any better? Could you help me come up with some good examples, please?

    When a Beast finds a potential Chamber for his Lair [BTP Core 94], he may exchange that Chamber for a Dark Beacon. What sets apart a Dark Beacon from a Chamber is that it’s a symbol rather than a location, and it acts as a metaphysical extension of the Beast. Anyone who has knowledge of this symbol and its significance may use it to summon the Beast, which works analogously to a Summoning of an Ephemeral Being [ChroD Core 139]. The appropriate methods are decided ahead of time by the ST and the
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