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  • Dogs and Cats both have ties to the Death Arcanum in the sense that certain cultures see them as psychopomps.

    Prime is the foundation of magic, so I think it should be represented by a plant. Because you cannot have an ecosystem without plants of some sort, as far as I am aware. Also, the ocean is the source of all the lifeforms. So we could combine ocean and plants to get Algae as the representation of Prime. But this type of knowledge is relatively modern, and espritdecalmar requested something more ancient. Maybe instead the plant which symbolizes Prime is Wheat, because it is...
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  • Edited the original post to clarify some parts and give additional examples. Also changed what happens when the result on the 1d10 is equal to the Pleroma Rating.
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  • Do you mean an example of what the players can request if the result on the 1d10 matches the Pleroma Rating? That is heavily tied to the context of the Chronicle in question and the Pleroma therein, so I believe generalized statements in this regard are of limited use. However, I can assure you that whenever the Exarchs do decide to help someone, it is only because it will help themselves more in the long term. So it is something between those two tropes, yes. If such Exarchal assistance was completely benevolent, not only would the ST be portraying them incorrectly, but also providing a major...
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  • [Homebrew] System For Overarching And Paradigm Shifting Obsessions

    This system is a formalized presentation of the Cabal's ultimate goal for transforming the Fallen World. This is known as a Pleroma, and works like an additional Obsession shared by the whole Cabal, which goes beyond the usual limits imposed by Gnosis. The members of the Cabal do not have to use the exact same phrasing for this Obsession. Each Mage is encouraged to handle a different aspect of the Obsession, since it is by definition vast in scope and magnitude. Once per Story, the ST can introduce one of the following scenarios if the Cabal is doing something noteworthy.

    If the Pleroma...
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  • GibberingEloquence
    replied to Homebrew Nightmares
    It Grows Beneath Your Skin (Common Nightmare)
    You've been hearing whispers coming from your guts and screams coming from your brain. What is happening, are you going insane or dying? Have you become host to some horrible parasite? The noises feel like they are invading every part of you, and you will do anything to stop them before it is too late.

    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance
    Action: Instant

    Normal Satiety: The Beast inflicts the Delusional Condition, which manifests as a belief that a parasitic entity is living...
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  • Dark Walker Style (• To •••••) [Original Concept By Deionscribe]
    Prerequisites: Beast

    (•): Add [Style Rating] to rolls for Primordial Pathways and Skeleton Key.

    (••): The Beast has 8 Again for Primordial Pathways, or Rote Quality if he is in a location with Lair Resonance. For Skeleton Key, he has 8 Again as well, or Rote Quality if he has Family Ties with a supernatural entity linked to the otherworldly realm beyond the gateway.

    (•••): The Beast no longer needs to spend a point of Willpower for rolls involving Primordial Pathways and Skeleton...
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  • [Homebrew] Pseudo Y Splats For Beasts

    The "Y Splat" is a Beast equivalent of Unchained Agencies. This is because Beasts are too personal in their approach to monsterkind to function as global conspiracies and such. These groups would be called Menageries and would perform equivalent functions in Beast society. In other words, they are extensive conglomerations and coalitions of various Broods which unite in specific locations and periods under a common cause. An ideal Menagerie sets out to do the following:
    • Teach specific Lessons to the populace and write a collective Legend. The combination of such Lessons and Legends
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  • Chimeric Item (Advanced Obcasus Rite)
    Dice Pool: Power + Crafts or Occult - 6
    Time Per Roll: One day
    Duration: Permanent
    Bonus: Rote Quality if the Beast incorporates significant imagery that deconstructs the Monomyth, such as an item associated with the Myth of an Incarnate
    Cost: A Consecrated Temple, the heart of a Hero ripped from their chest on the same day of the beginning of the Rite

    The foolish Hero thinks the implementation of cunning tools is a concept within the purview of the Bright Dream and thus exclusive advantage of humanity. The Beast...
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