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  • ajf115 I like your Inhuman Panoply, but I feel it is a bit clunky and too detailed. I also think it should be Anakim, since some giants are known for exceptional crafting talent. It was the Cyclopes who created Zeus' famous thunderbolts, for example.

    Here is my attempt at a simplified version. What do you think?

    Inhuman Panoply (Anakim)
    Humans like to think that they know all there is to know about making things. After all, they took tin and copper and invented bronze, took wood and shaped it into bows and ships. But there are older things, things which know the...
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  • GibberingEloquence
    replied to Homebrew Nightmares
    Credit goes to Reighnhell for the Corrupted Condition.

    You Are Evil And It Feels Good (Infernal Kinship)

    "You cared about doing the right thing once, but now all you can think of is how to satisfy your basest, darkest impulses. Why should it be any different when no good deed goes unpunished?"

    Dice Pool: Manipulation + Satiety vs Composure + Supernatural Tolerance

    Normal Satiety: The victim must roll Resolve + Composure to avoid pursuing their Vice or equivalent trait for [Lair] days, with a -2 penalty. Willpower points that are spent...
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