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  • I've found it helpful to think of the Psi/Quantum stuff as fundamental sub-quantum forces that are primarily used to direct jargon. Together they can be used to explain any phenomena with some applied thought - but alone, the terms are basically meaningless. I could even argue that 'Quantum' for novas is a misnomer and that the Psionic sub-quantum layer is where the real action happens. But, again - it's just defined dressing for immersion into the setting.
    Rather than seeing this as limiting - i think of it as adding a smudge at the layer of fundamental forces (gravity, EM, etc...) - an...
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  • Also, some evidence of a species humans called Zepps was mentioned in Stellar Frontiers. We didn't know alot about them - but it felt like species and our first contact with them was going to be an ongoing theme of Aeon Trinity at the time.
    Also; see avatar for Qin as interpreted by a long time fan of the setting.
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