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  • I'd like to believe that but my experience in game design makes me feel otherwise. This is indicative of "this seems too powerful, let's make it weaker" without any thorough analysis. It's also a bit of a dangerous spot to discuss given the history of quickly painting systems discussions as possible "munchkinism"

    Although I'm happy the discussion thus far is civil.

    I place a lot of value on Systems being able to support the intended theme and lore. If it is functionally inferior or not optimal to use powers that high level guild or hierarchy members...
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  • Absolutely! Let's go with that ... (in fact that's what You quoted there. I wasn't talking about cross line there but in-line balance).

    Care to take a guess as to why Outrage 5 is almost always worse than a soul steel blade? Or any barrow flame weapon? Things that cost a fraction of outrage 4 from every possible manner? (Xp , legality, guild membership etc)

    Perhaps why getting 2 extra actions for a wraith will cost you nearly HALF your corpus and Pathos? And that would last perhaps for 4-5 turns during an entire scene ...

    This isn't some discussion around...
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  • Great - let's assume you're right with balance is a myth (this of course would be silly because then my powers should be so inconsistent to the point of silliness. For example - perhaps outrage 4 should do 10 aggravated to a target or that Keening 3 should simply sever a human soul at whim). Still - let's go with that..

    If so, then why change them? They were in no way changed due to somehow or fitting the some "ghost theme". The changes were purely mechanical and completely focus on downgrading the power from a systems perspective.

    Therefore - the changes were...
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  • As I had mentioned above, I think the book is beautiful, and the further non-system explanations (Stygia, the Tempest, other Dark Kingdoms, Spectres, etc) are much needed. But, I can't simply ignore the system changes.If it was one random occurrence, I wouldn't have even posted or cared. At the current level though, I'm considering honestly putting up a side-by-side comparison of the arcanoi from 2e to 20th.

    Personal opinion aside, I think it was just not the best call given the power of 5-dot powers across WoD. If we want to weaken them across WoD then we should do so uniformly....
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  • What is with the significant "nerf" to Arcanoi in Wraith-20?

    While the book itself is impressive, the systems content unfortunately leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I'm a little disappointed at the needless self-nerfing, as my fears have been confirmed after I had a chance to review my buddy's pdf. To clarify, over the past decade and a half in various conversations with the community, I got the perception that there was a vocal minority that somehow decided certain arcanoi were too powerful at level 5. This was really quite arbitrary and not in-line when you compare the iconic level 5 abilities of various other powers in the greater World of Darkness....
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