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  • Right now, they each have specific conditions, a little like Demons' Agendas. For example, Hoffnungs have "Give Me the Wheel" where they get beats for taking control to their own detriment, but can resolve it to instantly succeed in resisting attempts to coerce or control them.

    As an alternative, I could see them instead having certain negative drives that can be fulfilled to offer Impetus or situational bonuses. For example, Staunen getting extra Impetus when they have acted wildly irresponsibly to advance the Opus, or Neids getting a beneficial Condition for lashing out...
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    • Grimms: Grimms want things, and feel that their ability to do something is the same as a reason to do it. They break their opponents down, they demand things of others, and they justify it with their superior intellect, because in their minds, intellectual might makes right. At best, they are pushy, at worst, they can become violent and abusive.
    • Hoffnung: Hoffnungs are the classic "egotistical intellectual" type. They consider their those less intellectually-inclined to be inferior, and judge people by their degrees, rather than their character. They feel their intellect makes them
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  • I think wonders might be better off a little later. I think ironing out the ideas behind foundations and catalysts might be better. I was toying with the idea of Genius as an exploration of "toxic intellectualism", which is to say intellectualism that is taken in a direction and degree as to become damaging to the self or others. With that in mind, I was thinking that the catalysts could be representative of the ways toxic intellectualism could manifest, with the foundations being representative of various attempts at positive outlets, and baramins conversely representing various forms...
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  • On the wiki, we have drafts for:
    • Catalysts and Foundations
    • A really brief, threadbare write-up of Inspired history
    • Character Creation
    • Inspiration
    • Restraint
    • Theses and Inspired Beats
    • Wonder Creation
    As of yet, we have various bits floating about uncoalesced about enemies (e.g. Beyonders, Manes, etc.), side-characters (Edisons, Beholden, etc.), Bardos, and their attendant systems.

    And obviously, nothing that is there is finalized....
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  • Uh, hey everyone.

    So I'll be square with you all, I 100% forgot about this. I just got a new job, and this kind of fell by the wayside. All the stuff I compiled is still in the link in my sig, though.

    @GibberingEloquence: Jabir as a Condition does seem like a good idea, and your write-up is pretty good.
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