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  • Honestly I don't see giving another Clan or Bloodline access to Blood Sorcery if it fits the theme as being inherently contradictory to reducing the focus on it, as it is Blood Sorcery has been brought down to a more reasonable level with a couple of 'core paths' that give you your 1-5 powers and paths themselves apparently being removed entirely.

    Now I could see Salubri with Blood Sorcery working, especially if their rituals are pretty much limited to wards. Like with Quietus it would allow their unique powers to make it through relatively unscathed and without being arbitarilly...
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  • Yeah, I think we're more likely to see the Salubri as a Sabbat Clan than an Anarch one, really at this point the 'Antitribu' are the main Clan as opposed to the golconda-seeking diablerists, although I do hope they change the Sabbat Salubri's weakness to either the Healer or Warrior caste one. I also do suspect it'll be accompanied by metaplot essentially saying 'Salubri are now viewed as a Clan while Ravnos/Tremere aren't', and a widespread rumour that Salout's soul has consumed Tremere's.

    As for Valeren, I honestly wouldn't be shocked if it got incorporated into Blood Sorcery. It...
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