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  • Yeah, Forsaken mostly shifted the focus on which parts of the werewolf it was looking at. In Apocalypse you're a barely contained ball of rage taught to direct it at the corporation's harming the environment, whereas in Forsaken it all comes back to family.

    I mean that, I honestly think family is a stronger theme for Forsaken than hunting is. Uratha have a duty because of what their ancestors did thousands of years ago, these ancestors help them by serving as tribal totems, they form packs, they treat their Wolf-blooded friends and family with respect (although mixed with condensation),...
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  • TwoDSix
    replied to Modern Day Trinity product?
    Yeah, I'd personally go with modern day Superiors rather than Stalwarts. Even if you don't want them to be naturally occurring the Nakamura process is implied to not require tech anywhere near as advanced as the Prometheus Chambers. Honestly as far as Quantum users go I prefer Superiors, but that's because I'm just not into superheroes.

    As to Psion's vs Psiads vs Mesmerists, I can honestly see the logic behind them going Psion. They're probably the easiest for new players, with the fact that they can pick a psionic specialty and barely have to worry about the other psionic Aptitudes....
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