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  • Blackwell
    replied to Primitive Charms of the First Age
    Sprain-Rectifying Method
    Sniffle-Dabbing Incitation
    Hand-Washing Meditation
    Reasonable Diagnosis Technique
    Hayfever-Curing Touch
    Wound-Inflicting Strike
    Touch of Take Two Asprin and Call Me in the Morning
    Mostness-Restoring Meditation
    Master Barber Meditation
    Healer's Erring Hands
    Perfect Celestial Nurse Practioner...
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  • Blackwell
    replied to Warbirds: Flying Warstriders?
    Intuitively, I would favor Ride over Sail, because the legend of the Rider (i.e. the personality of Solar Ride Charms) seems to fit a fighter-pilot/dogfighter archetype better than the legend of the Sailor.

    That said I think mechanically Sail works better, both for the Charms and the sailing combat rules.
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  • I think I would do something more like:
    Crystal = Green (growth and such)
    Lightning = Blue (cognition, also Air is already associated with lightning etc)
    Metal = White (Ore, and metal is to Autochthon as stone is to Creation)
    Steam = Red (impetus, heat)
    Oil = Black (fluidity, flexibilty)

    That leaves smoke, which is more a product of Autothon's illness. Maps to Soulsteel, the least natural of the 5MM as well.
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