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  • Hoo boy, that is a deep rabbit hole. For what I was talking about I think your best resource is 2e's Fair Folk book, Graceful Wicked Masques (if you don't mind the pricetag it can be had here). Chapter 2 is all about Unshaped, though they're kind of of the product of ALL of the Fair Folk and Wyld rules firing together so you'll need other chapters to actually understand.

    A short version is that Raksha are all about stories and identity. The Wyld is eminently mutable, so they fight with each other using rules similar to the normal rules, but instead of, say, rolling Dexterity + Archery...
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  • I'm only superficially familiar with Mage: The Awakening way of handling astral/soul/dream journeys. But if I were running an idea like this in Exalted, personally I would steal liberally from the Wyld and Fair Folk. Without putting more than about five minutes thought into it, I would treat the person's soul like an Unshaped, with Waypoints to explore, Emanations to meet, and so on. If this were a major plot element worthy of the time and effort, I would ask each player to create a "dream self" avatar based on their character's personality but using Raksha rules, so that they could...
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