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  • Indivisible
    replied to Ask the Devs v2
    Thank you for your time and answers Vance!
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  • Indivisible
    replied to Ask the Devs v2
    How does Moon`s Hidden Face interact with Hybrid Body Transformation? Can you make your Hybrid form look like a normal human?

    Also, would a charm that disguises sorcerous alterations, such as having skin made of bronze, in the same way that Moon's Hidden Face disguises mutations be valid design space for a charm that upgrades Moon's Hidden Face?
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  • I do love how easy it is to bolt onto other characters. It's a way to be able to survive and contribute in combat while still focusing on other things. You don`t even need to max Brawl and Dodge at character creation, it`s just nice to do so.

    You know, if you're willing to wait for Stamina 3, Impenetrable Beast Armor, and Durant Quicksilver Adaptation, you could get away with Tertiary physical attributes.

    Strength 2+1 for 3bp
    Dexterity 5
    Stamina 1

    You could replace IMB and DQA with Invulnerable Skin of Bronze and wind up with comparable soak...
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  • A few thoughts:
    • Latent Abilities only cost 3 bp, and you cost it as 4 bp under merits, so you have another bp to spend. Are Latents considered merits? I thought that you had to pay for them from your bp budget.
    • Cats are considered to have Strength 1, so they can't perform feats of strength, so Mighty Thews is wasted in cat form.

    Here's another go at it.

    Death Kitty Revision

    Totem: Cat/Scarab

    Tell: Enhanced Sense (Smell)
    In the Ask the Devs thread, it was clarified that mutations can qualify you for Protean benefits as long as you aren’t...
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  • A few thoughts on the cat woman build:
    • If you're using Wood Dragon's Claws, your Brawl specialty should probably be WDC instead of Bite
    • For a few specialties, they should be Tiny form, not Small form
    • If you want Unusual Hide for your tell, you should choose a different form for your totem and say that you got cat through the Heart's Blood merit. None of your plan requires a Cat Totem.
    • You need 4 mental attribute charms to buy Sorcery and you only have 3.

    I have to say, being able to use Wood Dragon's Claws in cat form makes Death Kitty a lot more powerful.

    Moon's Hidden...
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  • Being a cat, especially when you buy the Underfoot Menace and Stalking Shadow Hunter latent abilities, is actually hilariously powerful.

    For 4m committed:
    • Your attack bonus, provided your dex+brawl is higher than a cat's, is 1+3 (always on Ambush Hunter)= 4, which is equal to a mortal light weapon.
    • Your damage bonus is +12 for your bite, which is equal to a medium artifact weapon.
    • Your evasion is increased by 2.
    • If you want to hide during combat, enemies subtract 2 successes from rolls to notice you
    • You Double 9s on hearing rolls to notice hidden enemies.
    However this isn't...
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