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  • Ren9077
    replied to What is up with the Exalted line?
    I love Ex3, warts and all, and I've defended the devs on several occasions from what I felt was unfair criticism or unwarranted attacks. Even when they're unwilling to acknowledge a simple logical point in discussion, I've still continued to believe in the devs and their vision for the game.

    So I hope that puts things in perspective when I say I'm fed up with the release schedule and embrace whatever changes are made to remedy it, because I want the books coming out at a rate that enables a more complete game as quickly as reasonably possible.
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  • Excellent strategic decision, making the early surge to stop their rapid increase in strength. Waiting seems like it would have made things unwinnable.

    Glad to see someone else having fun with a Melee counterattack build. You put it through quite a test. Isn't it hilariously fun?
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  • Ren9077
    replied to What would a French braid be, in Creation?
    French braid, or French bread? Both of those are things.

    For bread, just have some location have a standardized bread recipe from rationing that turned out pretty tasty, and name it after that place.

    For the braid, you could simply try to come up with a description of that style's unique elements in three words or less, and use that as a name.
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