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  • Ren9077
    replied to A Closer Look: Solars vs Dragonblooded
    I haven't looked at the DB Charms much yet myself, but one thing I have to ask - Solar Charms generally don't ELIMINIATE the Onslaught penalty. They allow the Solar to ignore the effects, but the penalty is still, strictly speaking, there. You say that one circumstance in which the Dragon-Blooded thrive is their opponent having a high Onslaught penalty, and then say "but Solars can drop their penalties!" Aren't they usually just ignoring their penalties? Does that make a difference in this scenario?
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  • Ren9077
    replied to Demac's Exalted Character Creation Tool
    I made a copy to my own Drive. It's still in View Only. Instead of asking me for permissions on my own copy, it's trying to contact the owner, which I imagine is you. If I'm understanding this correctly, approving this will authorize me to make changes to the original...
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