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  • Thank you so much everyone! The Onyx site told me there was an error when I tried to post this so I thought it didn't this went through, and then today I took a look and found these super helpful replies.
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  • tumbleweed664
    started a topic Your fave martial arts for a dragon-blood?

    Your fave martial arts for a dragon-blood?

    I'm working through the background of a new DB character who I plan to make a martial artist/sorcerer (which I know probably isn't ideal but hey, it sounds cool and he's a Mnemon). I'd be interested in which MA's people have enjoyed, in particular what about the MA's fluff appeals to you and what you have enjoyed mechanically in play (I don't want to be hopelessly weak, but the mechanics coming together in a fun way is more important).

    Any Immaculate Style would certainly make sense given his background, and the few "reviews" I've seen here suggest they are pretty solid...
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