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  • Just an idea

    In 1st edition Requiem there was a Coil of Banes, Beast, and Blood. My goal with this is to try and bring the concept of a Blood Coil in line with 2nd Edition Requiem. It is also my goal to design this Mystery and Coil so that is it might work equally well for Vampires who are trying to sustain their existence with minimal vitae use and loss of human life as well as gluttonous Vampires who just want to be able to burn through as much blood as possible to enchance themselves. So in theory this Coil could have orginated in both far east vampire monestaries or the...
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  • JMecha
    replied to 1920's Chronicle
    I highly reccomend watching Boardwalk Empire for 1920's inspiration. The series takes place mostly in New Jersey, and while there is an epsiode or a few that take place in Florida towards the end if the series, over all the series gives a good feel for corruption, crime and other themes of the 1920's.

    Also I reccomend reading Dennis Lehane's books that the move Live by Night was based upon. In all honesty I reccomend people read all of Dennis Lehane's books.
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  • If a Character gets an exceptional success during a grapple and is then able to perform two grapple maneuvers, can the same Maneuver be used twice?

    Say Rowdy Rowdy Piper wins a Grapple with 7 Success, could he choose the Damage Maneuver twice to inflict 14 Bashing Damage?
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