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  • Problem with this though is then it ends looking like Swimming is the one thing Exalted can't do better then mortals.

    Not to mention we already have (or should have at least):

    - Lunars who can grow gills or change into some sort of marine life.

    - Water Aspect DB who can breath and move freely underwater.

    If other exalts can't get swimming charms then these two might as well be only ones who can ever journey underwater....
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  • TryingToBeSlim
    replied to Ask a question, get an answer
    Probably a stupid question, but are there Artifact versions of Hook swords? I couldn't find them in the core book and now I am left wondering whether I should take Snake MA or not?
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  • TryingToBeSlim
    replied to Ask a question, get an answer
    I am trying to rebuild a 2E character in 3E.

    In 2E, dots in Linguistics gave you languages. In 3E this is now a merit and Linguistics is something else entirely.

    In 2E, a Lookshy dragonblood had to have Linguistics 3 which I surmised was so they would know a lot of languages (Couldn't think of anyother reason why such a militaristic state would require 3 dots in Speaking / Writing more then they put in war, melee or martial arts even.)

    So would a Lookshy character be better represented by having 3 dots in linguistics or putting some of them in languages...
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  • Thank's all for the responses.

    I think I managed to get some nice ideas from them, particularly want to call out Arian Dynas, glamourweaver, Totentanz.

    Here's an initial go at it, it's a bit long though. (Keep in mind this is just an initial draft for my character's back story, might change later) :

    Aether Godsblood was deep in meditation when the presence came to him. The gifted martial artist suddenly felt as if a giant had just appeared in front of him. Whomever was here had a presence that dwarfed anyone Aether had ever met including his master.
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  • Zenith Vision of the UCS : Before the UCS turned his face back to the Solar Exalted?

    Looking for some ideas/inspiration.

    Currently my table is generating characters for a game set about 5 or 10 years before the Empress Vanished and the Jade Prision was busted open.

    However one thing struck me as I was making my Zenith character.

    Would the UCS actually give a vision even to Zenith's while he had technically turned his face away from them?

    If so, what type of vision would he give?
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  • TryingToBeSlim
    replied to Night Vision Merit : Cost ?
    I'd like to do that too but I'm trying my best to be mechanically fair and these were seperate merits both in V2 and V3

    Currently I am thinking of making it cost:

    1 Dot if PC has Enhanced sight.


    2 dots if PC does not.
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  • TryingToBeSlim
    started a topic Night Vision Merit : Cost ?

    Night Vision Merit : Cost ?

    As the subject says, I am currently trying to figure how to cost the Merit "Night Eyes" (Pg 566 under the Great Cat entry) for a PC.

    I was thinking of making it a 2 dot merit if the PC has Enchanced Sense Sight or 3 dot merit if the PC does not have Enchanced sight.

    The reason why I am asking is that I am currently trying to go through an exercise of rebuilding one of my old characters in v3 who was the God-Blooded son of Darunla the (Former) Wolf / War goddess of the east.

    Picked up as many (animal/wolf) like merits as I could get with that character....
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