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  • Kalendeer
    Kalendeer posted a Visitor Message for TryingToBeSlim
    Thank you for the post, some previous poster really had a thing to make me feel like a cheater and a cheap player. I'm happy there at least one personn to see that trying to roleplay a psychopath (I say try because I'm quite sure that despite my researches, I'm still not there) is no easy mode. You made my day
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  • Wow, lots of great posts

    I can't reply to all of them but will try to hit key points.

    This is it exactly.

    I disagree with you on the notion of 'easy mode'.

    Paths might be easy mode for players in the sense that a player wants to play a psychopath or simply a power-hungry vampire and choose a path that lets them do so.

    In-setting terms though, psychopaths or power-hungry or simple knowledge-hungry people are why paths/roads were created and are necessary. There are many kine who are 'bad' humans...
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  • I sort of agree and sort of don't.

    I don't believe that Humans follow any 'Path' and especially not a 'Path of Humanity'.

    A "Path" in my eyes is a moral code, something that helps a Vampire create a sense of self and ward off the beast.

    Humans have no need of it and do not follow it.

    However it is the Path that comes most easily to newly embraced vampires.

    What I am suggesting is that other Paths could come more easily to fledgelings if their moral compass was aligned to those paths AND that those Paths did not require...
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  • DA-V20 & V20 : Ordinary Humans Following 'Paths' or 'Roads'

    Something I want to toss out for discussion / feedback from the forum (I tried searching for something similar but could not find it).

    Do you think it is appropriate that Humans can be following various paths or roads even before the embrace?

    Keep in mind I am not talking about paths or roads that are blatantly vampire specific.

    I am referring to paths or roads such as Kings or Power and the Inner Voice or Ecstasy etc....

    I could believe many humans to be followers of such paths.

    That being said, I do not believe any human would...
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