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  • Ever since the First Edition of Werewolf, there have been a lot descriptions about how Glass Walkers have "Potent Techno-Fetishes" that often make them Cyborg Wolves, and yet not that actual many of them.

    So Here's One inspired by the 1984 Classic "The Terminator", with a VERY nasty and ironic side effect.

    Cyber-Shades/Terminator Shades

    Resembling a pair of "Gargoyle Brand Sunglasses" used to cover the fleshless mechanical eye of the titular monster from "The Terminator", this fetish possesses a tiny switch on the side...
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  • Gamecraft/Riddle/Challenge/Competitions Inspirations Found In Anime

    One of the most distinctive and colorful aspect of Garou Culture is their resolution of conflicts and payment for requests through the tradition of non-violent games such as riddles, storytelling and song contests, puzzles, and even games of chess or poker. After all, even a game of football is ultimately a form of warfare substitute where you gain dominance (and even the respect) of your rivals without having to kill anyone in the process.

    And yet finding fresh variety and inspiration for non-violent conflict resolution, week in week out is also one of the most difficult tasks for...
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