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  • Addendum:

    5) Sure, the Giovani Clan weakness says that their bite is agonizingly painful, but they also possess the healing lick all the same, right?
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  • "Sealing the wound of the Kiss by Licking" Clarification

    Being able to make the evidence of your feeding disappear with but a lick is a pretty neat power when it comes to preserving the Masquerade.
    But all the same, a few questions.

    1) The healing lick only works when it is your own bite, and not that of another kindred's, right? (Just in case some new Fledgling neglected to lick the wound in his rush to not end up on Youtube, and you can "clean up after him"?)
    2) Does it work only if the victim is alive? Or does it work on a corpse as well? Sure, after a fatal feeding-frenzy it would take a LOT longer to (literally)...
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  • Since Donated Blood at the Blood Bank is definitely willingly-given blood, can't the Salubri just take a page from the Giovani and be "Bankers", thereby not hurting anyone?
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  • Would Jeff Goldblum's heartless insect side driving himself to fuse himself with Geena Davis character to remain human in spite of his character Seth Brundle being deeply in love with her and caring for the baby inside her in The Fly count as an example The Shadow overriding the decent psyche?
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  • It was a paraphrase of a Fireside Conversation between concerning the Litany between Fianna Tribemates from Tribebook: Fianna Revised; a particularly angry and bitter metis basically sneered "There are a LOT of Metis out there with Red Hair and Green eyes out there" during the "Garou Shalt Not Mate With Garou" line of conversation. It was my sarcastic way of agreeing "for a tribe that hates its metis, these Irishmen sure does love making them."...
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  • Well, For a tribe that supposedly values "Love for One's Family and Kin" so much, they can awfully *flexible* in their values when it comes to Metis.

    And Garou or not, "Respect All Beneath Ye, All Are of Gaia" is a Noble and Kind Law; it should *Especially* apply to a helpless infant of your own flesh and blood, who should be Loved, Protecred and Cherished, not raised with hate and abuse, when they are not outright beaten to death with a stone minutes after birth to "save face"

    Not surprising then why so many Black Spiral Dancers have red...
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  • What is equally worrying is; would the reputation, feelings, dignity and "humanity" of the poor traumatized and emotionally-scarred Metis even matter in trials like this? Or will it become all be about the misconduct and disgrace of brute in question, as far as the "proper" Garou are concerned?
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  • How would Garou Law punish rape committed *upon* Metis? (Heavy Issue)

    "Garou Shalt Not Mate With Garou" was clawed/chiseled into the First Tablets of Litany to ultimately prevent the creation of Metis, convoluted philosophical justifications to condemn lovemaking with contraceptives between Garou notwithstanding.

    Now, herein lies the dilemma.

    War Rape amongst Garou do unfortunately happen (however rare), and unfortunate "children of violence" do frequently result. Naturally, the worthless beast responsible is given a jolly-good-castrating if they are allowed to live at all, with the poor mother STILL bearing the stigma...
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  • Hardly; it did start as a cheeky dark-humor "Pulp Fiction" shout-out after all. ...
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  • On a more serious note:

    Really? Those alcoholic Irish whoremongers practically consider Metis little better than Black Spiral Dancers that can be kept on a short leash from birth, beat them and bully them ALL childhood, and make crawl through broken glass for the basic scraps of kindness and respect, and THEN coldly-shrug "they are corrupt anyway" when they dance the spiral as a KINDER alternative to the Fianna life.

    If they don't even respect or show basic-kindness to their designated tribal "trash" in life, even as children, what if any reason...
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  • Ah, a Kinfolk "Cleaner" based on Harvey Keitel's "The Wolf" (Hehehe... the irony) whom stupid young GAROU have to defer to if they don't want a veil-breach on Fox News the next day....

    For the septs that DO have the right number of Garou available, though; which Auspice would be more suited to the "Cleaner" role? Theurge or Philodox?...
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  • Inspirational Sources For Playing "The Shadow"

    Me Myself and Irene starring Jim Carrey is a must watch for any aspiring Shadwoguide who is out to play a shadow that is out to "protect" its weak-willed psyche by demolishing everything that has wronged him, rules of so-called "Polite-Society" be damned.
    Now, tell me honestly, who else also thought "Catharsis!" as Charlie's "Shadow" Hank appears at the 1 Minute 1 second mark? When his "Angst" score FINALLY soared past the point of endurance? ...
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  • Lin Liren
    started a topic "Dead Metis Storage" Questions.

    "Dead Metis Storage" Questions.

    (Evil chuckle) After re-visiting an old "Pulp Fiction" inspired post I made a couple of months ago....

    A few questions about "Dead Metis Storage"

    1A) Can the average dead metis fit inside the trunk of a car?
    1B) And if so, would it be a viable method of disposal to drive said car to a "car compacting facility", have the car cubed and melted like in "Goldfinger", right?

    2A) Would a dead metis corpse (being Crinos) still invoke The Delirium if spotted...
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  • There is something oh so very appealing on a primal and emotional level about playing passionate warriors raging against injustice and trying to make the world a better place the best they know how to.

    And I bet I'm not the only Dragonball Z fan who finds delightful similarities between the Saiyan Race and the Garou; they are also a Warrior Race of Lycanthropes, albeit Giant Apes in their full-moon induced "Crinos" forms.

    And yes, I REALLY look forward to the day that with a combination of "Lambert Light" and "Silver Body", I can role play...
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