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  • Having a Shreknet account you can represent by one dot or having a good reason why you have one. The number of dots just means how many contacts you have and how useful they are. Domains. . . Domains give you prestige and basically lets a Kindred have recognized territory that they can exploit. But yes, you can get by without a Domain. It depends on the political landscape of the city or the goals of the character. Is it parceled out almost totally into recognized domains? If that's the case then just having a herd might not be all that secure especially if they're all in some other kindreds domain....
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  • The book "State of Grace" has a section on the Ashirra....
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  • Anarade Relle
    replied to Prince's assasination
    Well, if you want a Justicar/Archon to show up they can. You can hint that the Prince's death has triggered a reaction amoung the higher levels of power in the Camarilla, which should be fun for your diablerist to worry about. Generally speaking a Prince being offed shouldn't cause Justicar involvement unless the city is extremely important or the prince had connections/importance to cause such a reaction. What you can do is have political deadlock follow the assassination. Nobody manages to seize the domain for themselves and a Justicar shows up to get shit in order, or perhaps an Archon to...
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