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  • I don't why some Ogham rites couldn't exist through summoning the power of the spirit. Some koldun paths could be adapted. As well, you can use the Dark Ages rules in a modern setting. You don't need to use the modern discipline over the DA20 version; you COULD and se the modern one explaining the difference in a weakening of forest spirit but you don't need to do so....
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  • Personally, I like the idea that Adonai and his crew joined the Sabbat because some of their old allies had. Whenever people talk about the Salubri Purge people mention "What about their allies/friends?". To me it makes senses that a portion of the first Anarchs rebelled partly because of the betrayal of the Salubri/Cappocdians (as well as the probably more common reason of "the blood bond broke, kill the elders!"). So when Adonai woke up it wasn't some random Sabbat pack but an old kindred buddy from the dark ages. Whom he may have arranged to unearth them via astral projection....
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