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  • I assume a higher birth rate and people going undetected and undocumented.
    My games have a low death rate probably due to my players knowing I would have the police investigate a dead body and not being the sort to escalate things if they can avoid it....
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  • Throwing a few thoughts together before attempting a build.
    Merits. Professional Training is a must, the second dot gives you 9 again, the forth a dot in a skill and the fifth lets you make a roll a rote action so any dice that aren’t a success are rerolled. I’m going to assume you have a coterie mate that can give you access to Resources 5 when you need it and I’m also going to assume Mystery Cult Initiation is unavailable to avoid using it to get merits on the cheap and keep Supernatural merits off limits for the most part. I think that’s everything worth talking about in the mortal...
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  • Gangrel Ordo is the obvious build for damaging Kindred but you won’t be getting the best out of it at character creation, Daeva is the best if you want dice pools because they have better defence (probably Boxing style and light weapons but I don’t have my books with me so I can’t post a build yet)
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