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  • Live Bait
    replied to I need an idea
    She's the childe of someone important, the Nos knows/suspects and doesn't want any problems. The nos may be wrong about who she is and that's why no one can figure it out.
    The nos believes he wronged her in the past, maybe he made her a Revrent and someone else uplifted her to a diffident clan or he used her as a pawn and harmed her a lot, she doesn't know.
    She once saved his life, he owes her.
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  • But it doesn't hide indirect evidence like creaking floor boards and Extra Sense lists tremor sense as a posable ability.
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  • On the subject of Obfuscate would the Extra Sense Predatory Aspect be able to Clash of Wills it?
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  • In Requrim 1e Haven was 3 merits, Size, Location and Security now Location is Feeding Grounds, Security is Safe Place and Haven exists as it's own merit possibly because it was felt it had to be included (I said possibly, let's not argue hypotheticals) so what's missing is Haven Size.
    I would hazard a guess that what your group wants is a place where they can play host and aren't finding it in the merit so they aren't taking it, in this case a Status merit or Resources to justify a big home can give them what they are looking for. Another posable answer is the group just don't think it maters...
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