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  • Oh, I got confused when you didn't point to him in the message. I was assuming you were referring to my opening message.
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  • I looked at the document, and I'm not sure why you think mine is better formatted, I just used the default Doc styles and headings. Nothing fancy, most of it was just "Copy, Paste Unformatted Text" followed by some light editing (mostly using the backspace and enter keys) to make the structure like that Chris used on the forum.

    Amravanti , not sure how you got the idea I intended this to be a compilation of everything. The thread is literally titled "The Twelve Days of Wolfmas compiled", and the doc is called "12 days of Wolfmas"...
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  • The Twelve Days of Wolfmas Compiled!

    Hey Forumites!

    Those of you on the Discord server would have seen this growing over the past few months, but this will be the first time I've shared it here!

    So here you all go! All Twelve Days of Wolfmas compiled into one... very long document.

    There is an additional passage on Acrozatarim/Chris' Patreon account. I will not be adding that to the document, so if you want to see it you will have to support Chris on Patreon

    If there are any duplicates in there, let me know and I'll go fix it, same with any entries without a hyperlink leading...
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