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  • Right?

    Or even just immensely powerful beings declaring themselves god-kings of the world. Creation doesn't much care for that either, it seems.

    I firmly believe that even if the Time of Tumult doesn't happen, that the Solars remain locked away forever, eventually the un-exalted masses of the world do to the Dragon-Blooded what they did to the Solars and Lunars and the Gods did to the Primordials.

    For that matter, if the Dragon-Blooded and Sidereals hadn't moved on the Solars and Lunars, the Solars and Lunars would likely have eventually moved on the Gods...
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  • As a GM, I would say "No. You don't get to make a giant army of Dragon-Blooded replacements."

    Like... I don't know the context of your game. Maybe it's about this one lady and the crazy armies she births? But if it isn't, I wouldn't allow this.

    This is an NPC biography. Like, this is the start of a writeup for a God or a particularly powerful Exalt or someone who through a series of extraordinary and probably non-repeatable events became the Mother of Monsters, capable of spawning whole new races of divine strength and purpose from herself at will. The sort...
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