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  • Well, no plan ever survives contact with the players, so we'll see what happens....
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  • Thanks everyone! I think I like the idea of government agents poking around. I could also stick a special therapist in there - they're a bunch of foster kids with troubled backgrounds, of course the government requires that they go to therapy. If all else fails I can always kill someone, of course. Or just have some kid at school come in with a wild story.
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  • I'm not sure I'm really at that point yet. The problem I'm having right now is moving them from "hey we have these scattered clues and maybe this stupid ancestry homework" to "oh hey there's an issue and there's monsters involved and something weird is going on." I feel like they're not really putting clues together at the moment to get past "huh that's curious." But I'm not sure just suddenly dropping a monster on them is the right solution.
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  • We're talking a trio of 10 year old girls. They're in a sort of combination orphanage/foster home situation meant for troubled kids. (Basically, they live in a house with a set of foster parents, but the house itself is part of a larger community built to house older foster children.) None of the children have any living family that they are aware of.

    I was thinking this mysterious ancestor might be a major donor to the facility. It's just the kind of nice big charity project that a rich family would patronize, and it would give him an excuse to monitor his offspring.
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  • WarKitty
    started a topic I think I've ST'd myself into a corner

    I think I've ST'd myself into a corner

    Ok, here's what I'm trying to do. This is innocents/hunter (mostly innocents atm). What I want them to discover is that they are all descendants of one particular individual, that their families were all killed by his enemies (though notably not by the same monster or group of monsters - this is important), and that they are or may be at risk themselves.

    What I have so far is that they have a school project to research their family history. Between them, they have a diary belonging to the mother of one of the PC's and stamped with an arcane symbol, a musket ball stamped with that...
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