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  • Yeah, I did figure I might have been wrong about what all the Open Condition did. Alas! But yes, good point that Liminal Aura does much of what I intended for a Sin-Eater looking to shepard some ghosts.
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  • Is there any upper limit to the duration of The Boneyard beyond those listed in the Condition?

    I'm suddenly wondering if, through a combination of the Boneyard and Shroud Haunts, a Sin-Eater could set up a "ghost refuge" area, suffused with the Open Condition and free from the worry of Essence Bleed. The Bound can't leave or draw attention to themselves and it crumbles if the geist's Bane or Ban is brought around, but otherwise seems like a surprisingly cheap option to make a "safety net" that prevents ghosts from having to worry about Essence or being swept away...
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