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  • Damian May
    replied to Bloodlines 2 Announced.
    Slightly off topic but I've always wondered why folks see VTM:B as so integral to VtM that they want tabletop tie ins and all the rest? I mean I was playing VtM for over a decade before VtM:B came out so it had literally no effect on me except ' a neat tie in CRPG that my computer would die if it tried to run.....also so buggy as to be almost unplayable'.

    Just curious as it seems to be somewhat integral to some of the louder voices heres idea of what VtM is whereas for me it was the equivalent of a VtM keychain in regards to the actual game.
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  • Illithid goats.....interesting...
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  • Nah, they're still plugging on with Vampire at least....not really sure why. Modiphius might be able to make a go of it but with all the other properties they are currently juggling I'm not sure how much effort they'll make.

    Hopefully Paradox will just stop with V5 and not try and ' revolutionise' the rest of OWoD....
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