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  • Why didn't the anarchist furries opposed to imperialism immediately turn around and become imperialists, indeed.
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  • Frostav
    replied to Success of the Usurpation
    Weren't there like a million DB's at the time? No amount of Solar Charms, especially with the slightly lower powerlevels of 3e, are going to be help much against a literal nation of elemental warriors ambushing you with the help of 100 fate ninjas.
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  • Yup. It's hard to translate a lot of lore of Souls into Exalted, as Souls is extremely pessimistic and nihilist, whereas Exalted is less so, but it does provide a lot of great stuff to use for darker games if you translate it properly.

    Also, one day I want to turn the Pyromancy and Miracle spells into martial arts each because chucking massive lightning spears is absolutely something a Solar should be able to do.

    (DS3 could also be good inspiration for a worst-timeline game where everything goes to absolute hell to the point of reality itself breaking down, and Gael's...
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  • Dark Souls 3's Paired Greatswords: AKA the most Dawn weapon ever

    Look at this. This is so Exalted it physically hurts.

    I would absolutely give my next character who's a melee fighter weapons like these except the rules actually make something like this impossible without evocations as you can't actually dual-wield grand daiklaves, lol...
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