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  • Ekorren
    started a topic What would you want in a Dragon-Blooded Kickstarter?

    What would you want in a Dragon-Blooded Kickstarter?

    I guess the first question should be: do you want a Kickstarter for Dragon-Blooded?

    The main reason why I do is because of OPP's long tradition of quality Kickstarters (excluding the super-delayed mess that was Exalted Third Edition) with many interesting stretch goals and add-ons. I know that I would back a Dragon-Blooded Deluxe Jade Edition or something similar. I would be happy to see this after Cavaliers of Mars.

    If you want to see a Kickstarter for Dragon-Blooded, what sort of stretch goal do you want to see to motivate funding it?

    My answer is Charm...
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  • Ekorren
    replied to Stances on necromancy and sorcery
    Something I put a lot of focus on when writing ny necromancy homebrew was the fantasy behind the control spells. I wanted necromancy control spells to feel like they were at a tug of war with the necromancer for control, giving great boons in exchange for horrifying loss of humanity focused largely on fluff rather than mechanical flaws.
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  • A LOT has happened since last time.

    The game is playable for mortals. It only needs more setting stuff and more overall content, but it has enough to be playable. The current version is 134 pages, and that's after I decided to remove all of the Machineborn mechanics. I have decided to put all of the Machineborn mechanics in supplement PDFs instead, starting by collecting my dozens and dozens of pages of Solar Machineborn mechanics into a playable Solar supplement. But before I work on that one, I plan to finish the blank spots in the core PDF.

    Download it, skim it, and...
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