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  • Iry
    replied to [Playable Adventure] Dawn of the Chosen
    Seems pretty cool. I'm reading through it right now, and the production values seem pretty good! I'll need some time to paw through the story itself, so bear with me on that.
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  • Iry
    replied to Fan Made Crazy boons
    BREAKING THE CHAIN ●●●●● ●●●●
    Cost: 20 Legend, and 4 Willpower per use
    Dice Pool: Chaos + Command (vs MDV)
    Type: Miscellaneous
    The Great Chain of Being suggests that all things in the world follow a strict hierarchical structure, and every single link upon that structure has the positive qualities of every lower link upon the great chain. The god with this boon may break down the chain of being, which allows chaos to slowly saturate a domain that stretches ten miles for every (Chaos Boon) she possesses. Within this realm of chaos, the natural order of the world ceases
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