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  • I guess I'm on the wrong continent to understand that reference.

    That said, I'm not looking for locations, I'm looking for visuals - I kinda want to go outside the "classic tomb" box. Is there a reason for that specific theme?...
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  • Thanks for all your answers, everyone.

    One final question - where can I get some inspiration for the Mummy's tomb? Because outside a literal tomb, I'm stumped.
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  • Perfect.

    So, for a few hours after their awakening, they're little more than zombies, correct? Okay, I can work with that.

    The ultimate last resort, then, not an actual failsafe. Okay.
    Devourer - that name keeps popping up, who/what is it?

    In the theme of names that keep popping up, what is Sybaris? I was under the impression it was some sort of Disquiet (from Promethean) equivalent, but then I noticed a mention to Enticing Sybaris, which gummed up my works....
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