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  • Lashet
    replied to Lunars
    Btw, can Lunars use exilency in non-human forms? If yes, can she use increased Attributes?
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  • Lashet
    started a topic Roles and casts in Lunar/Solar couples.

    Roles and casts in Lunar/Solar couples.

    Just had an ague with a frIend about S/L couples and how Solars and Lunars supposed to mutch each other. I always thought that the couple must include Exalted with different casts and roles (e.g., Full Moon bodygard for Zenith preast-king or Half-moon adventurer and Twilight mage as his quest-giver). My friend thinks that couples should be more close in terms of area of expertise. We even compare them to super-heroes: I see as for example, Lunar-Alfred to Solar-Bats, while he insists that they should be more like Cap/Winter Solder. Who's right?
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  • Lunars as cool and independent Exalted faction. Able to became real thing in Creation.
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